well after re-starting CD on wednesday with new CDC and new determination.........I am already back in ketosis! I am really chuffed. I tested tonight and there it was...the little pink square!!:p

Am very glad to have seen it we went to asda today and got usual shopping and our eldest(nearly 8) decided before we went that he wanted to make some cakes/biscuits tomorrow as Grandma and Grandpa are coming to stay, so we had to buy some choc for it(he had already gone through the recipe b4 we left home to see what he needed!)....well the boys were really hyper in asda and I was really stressed by the time we got home...and then good old chatter box starts on the old......'well you not in Ketosis yet so a bit of choc tongiht wont hurt!' :mad: well pushed her to the back of my mind and rang my mum instead....and then low and behold an hour later...the little pink square appears for me!!!:) :p

So CB you can SOD OFF!!!:rolleyes: you are not going to sabbotage me this time!

was very pleased with myself and I keep reminding myself how much I lost in the 1st 4 weeks when I did CD in april and I know if i stick to it 100% it will happen again!

Should have know I was in ketosis anyway as I ahve been freezing all day!!! I would rather have this side effect than any others...again this time I got into Ketosis without any head ache or anything else!;)

Any way off to check the boards and then off to bed!

Hugs to all Lou X
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Well done on getting into ketosis, that really is the hardest bit over and done with as you well know. Also good for you for kicking your CB into touch tonight!
Thanks Flopster

Do you know its very scary being on this diet and this and the DH board......I remember you starting and it only seems like 5 mins ago...........but actually it was 2 months ago!!

So scary how watching and counting the days they just fly past!

Well done on your loss so far! you are doing so well!:)

And yes...... that blooming CB can kiss my ****!!!!!;)
Hugs Lou X
YAY for feeling cold!! Good on you for ignoring your chatterbox and getting into ketosis. I have only just restarted properly after a few weeks of messing about with CD.
FAO boofaloo

Hiya there....well done you getting back on to CD!

I too took a few weeks off....and more than a few pounds went on!!!!:rolleyes:

People say that its harder second time round you do a VLCD and SS but in some ways I think its easier...because you KNOW if you stick to it..the weight will just drop off, you will feel fab because of the water and ketosis and then 'cos of weight loss and you know all the comments you get from people about your loss just boosts your confidence and belief in the diet!!

First time round ..yes I was fired up to do it...but didnt really know...
a) if I could do it
b) if it would work for me

but now I know it does, so as I say, second time round is as easy as I know now that I am in ketosis I am fat burning and the pounds will just fall away in a very short space of time!!

YEAH for VLCD!!!!!!!!:D

Hugs and good luck on your second leg of the journey!
Let me knwo how you are doing on your re-start.!

Lou X
Thanks Lou, I can't believe I am on day 60 already and only have 40 to go, it is so scary how quickly time has gone by - even more scary is that I am still doing this and haven't quit yet - that is some achievement for me as I have never got past week three - ever!

You keep that CB of your in check and I will keep mine in check too - she has been telling me all night I can have some crisps but I'm drowning her out with water!
hi lou lou

well done!! i have my weekly weigh in this morning so quite excited but as i have just started, expecting it to go up a bit

i hear u on the coldness tho i never wear a cardi before oct!!
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Well Done babes for getting into Ketosis, you can do this.
Just focus on how much weight you lost in the 1st month..

To be honest I am so looking forward to my hols but I really cant wait to get back to SS & give it my all..

Thanks girls....

well here we are half way through day 4 and I am feeling ok!! Just had a choc muffin for lunch..was really feelign the need for decided to eat a muffin rather than drinking a shake.

tummy is rumbling today even though I am in ketosis...I ahve drunk loads of water and had a black coffee think I am going to go and get a cup of bullion to help! I dont want to fall off the wagon after just a few days so I am concerntrating on getting on the scales on tues and seeing the fab result I am gonna get!

I know last time round I was really energetic but today I feeling very sluggish and lethargic..hoping it will pass soon. Mind you thinkng about it could be to do with not going to bed till 1am! for some reason at 12 last night I decided to try on all the clothes in my wardrobe!!:rolleyes:

Anyway off to finish the much easier when the boys are at school and I do have to stop every 5 mins!!

hugs Lou X
End of week one!

well here we are again...the end of the first week on CD!

WI is tomorrow night at 7pm..looking forward to scales are showing a good will be good to see the weight going down again!

Oh yes and I have that lovely keto breath..I had forgotten how lovely it was!!!!!!!!!!

Went bowling tonight with Vic and the boys and all had a good time.I had 2 pints of soda water with a splash of lime cordial in each.(had this last time occasionally on cd and was fine) have really noticed that diet/zero coke starts up my food cravings so deffo steering clear of that at the moment!

have been going through bottles of water this week which is a good sign...I seem to be able to drink so much more fizzy water +cd flavour than just normal if I can keep to 4litres on fizzy then I will stick to it!

Anyway to bed now....need some sleep as I have all the kids here tomorrow, 5 in total including my a walk to the park to let off steam is in order me thinks!!

Have a good evening......whats left of it!

I really admire anyone who can go through ketosis... I am dreading it (planning on starting cd on sat) I had a trial run today and was so hungry, cold and had a massive headache! and to say no to choccy... well - you deserve a medal!

Jo x
WI results!!!!!!!!!!

I have just been for my first weeks wi after a week back on CD and I have lost a whopping 11lb!!!!!!:) :D :eek:

I was so astounded...especially as though totm started this morning!!
I only lost 9lb in my very first week on ss the first time round!
My cdc was over the moon...which was lovely!

This takes me back down to just 3lb away from my pre holiday weight...which hopefully I should get back to next week!

Any way just off to update my tracker in the pink pages.
Have a good evening all

A very happy Lou X:) :) :)
hi lou!!!

As i have said already BLOODY WELL DONE!!!

like me i know u have found it hard and i am so happy you came out tops!!!

good luck for week 2!

lou x