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At a crossroads...


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.. it's gonna cost too much! :eek: As much as I want to continue my weight loss and have been doing really well! My clothes over the past 4 weeks have become so loose, that I'm wearing my OH's belts with my jeans (I don't own any belts) or I'm constantly pulling my trousers up or can take them off without even undoing them!

Plus the fact we get married in 36 days :Dand the dress alterations are already costing £60, if I need more then thats more ££ and with the wedding costs, honeymoon in New York and Christmas approaching I don't think I can afford the new wardrobe I so desperately need!:cry:

So as much as I'd love to loose the 4.5lbs to get to be a 9 stone bracket bride (very achievable with current weight loss and wedding stress), I'm torn between saving money and maintaining. I'm ok with my current weight but don't actually "see" much difference in my body shape (apart from clothes getting baggy) I don't feel like I've lost much TBH, and eventhough I'm near my goal, want to lower it to 9.5stone.

Help me decide - I know I've done well and don't need the pat on my back :eek: I need some advice as I'd really like to continue with my weightloss whilst I'm currently motivated and it's going well but weighing :)rolleyes:) it up against the cost is getting tricky! Suppose their is the option of buying some staple items from primarny, george or tesco to see me through!

help and wisdom please
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You could just set yourself as a target member hun before you go to maintain and then alter the goals when you get back.

I had the same when I got married...my dress tailor told me that if I lost any more weight my dress would be ruined as it was panelled at the back and wouldnt look right.
I would get the essentials cheaply to keep you going. You could also treat yourself when you are in New York too!!!

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Congrats on your loss, you must be feeling good at the moment ad have so much to look forward to.

I know what you when about the money front. This week I have listed and sold loads of my "big" clothes on Ebay and have bought some smaller (yay!!) replacements on their too. I have also picked up a few bits at ASDA (jeans for a fiver not flash but do the job) to keep me going.

If you are in the zone I would be inclined to continue but maybe changing your target after the wedding would be a good idea as you could save on the weekly fee!


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What about the clothes swap forum on here? Or lots of nice sashes etc to use as funky belts?

ps. good luck for wedding


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Hiya leniloo,

If the alterations haven't yet been done on your dress, the price shouldn't really change to get more done unless it changes the whole structure of the dress. Since it's not prime wedding season, ask your tailor if they'd be willing to wait a bit longer until the wedding to do your alterations to see if you lose some more weight?

I reached my target in July and I think my body shape has only just started to settle down - it was still changing when I'd been at target for a while! I bought quite a few new pairs of trousers when I became target, and although I'm now target + 1.5 lbs, they're too big now!!!

My advice would be to keep losing weight if you want to, buy no more than 10 things from sales/primark/asda/tesco/pick your own favourite 'cheap' place and see how you go after 2-3 months - you might be surprised what happens!

Hope that helps a bit...

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