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at home weigh ins


weighs a lot less
i personally never weigh myself at home as your weight can change quite a lot in a week ,a lot of other people do though so its up to you hun xx


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Well i will get shot by everybody for this hun but yeah i weigh myself a lot! Most people find this really off putting but i need the motivation personally. If you do weigh at home then i would start after an official WI and check the differnce in the scales! Mine were always 2lb different so i had to take that into consideration

But if youre the kind of person who will stress over a possible difference day to day then dont do it xxx


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I agree with you Tracy..i do tend to weigh myself at home quite a bit even though i was told i shouldn't!

I usually only do it when i'm having a bit of a wobbly moment or am starving...get on the scales and see if i've lost anything..even 1/4lb..gives me the motivation to snap out of it and focus again!x


Must do it this time
Oh God Yes I Am A Serial Scale Hopper,every Time I See The Scales I Jump On It(and Thats Alot As Im Never Out Of The Bathroom!!!!!),
Elaine X


Says it as it is!!!
I was also a serial scale hopper...my scales were out 5lbs!!!! So i ended up giving them to my sis ...but, i do still weigh my self everytime i go round ...oh and before i go for an offical WI i use them just to see xxx
Yep I'm another home weigher, have weighed myself every morning since the day I started and still do now. I think as Tracy said, if it doesn't affect your mood it's okay but if it brings you down stay away from them!

Yep im guilty of weighing myself - however I no my scales is way way off - I accidentely fiddled with it. So I only use it to make sure my weight is going down - but i never no by how much.

I actually gave out to a guy in work today he started LT on Tuesday and he weighed himself yesterday and it said he lost 8 pound but what if he goes intommorrow and has only lost 5 - then he will feel demotivated


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I'm guilty to. Problem is, it does affect my moods. If I've not lost and I think I should have then I'm down. If you are not in the habit of doing it, then stick with the weekly weigh in. It becomes addictive. I told my hubby to hide the scales...this is how sad I am, I found out where he hid them (he's rubbish) and weighed myself and put them back before he noticed. He personally didn't give a crap, so I don't know why I bothered!!


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Yea i hold my hands up too, I jump on the scales every morning before my first drop of liquid, but if it keeps me motiveted seeing a lb off every morning then I'm not going to stop.
lol I weight myself too. I didn't at all in the first week as I wanted to be surprised by the end of the week. But recently have been weighing myself every now and then :) I hate my scales tho, they aren't digital and I swear they say different things if you get off and on, then off and on. Have ditched them and bought new digital ones.

But I do like not doing it and waiting for the weigh in at the end of the week, its kind of like a nice surprise (if its good - or any kind of loss that is :)

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