At my target weight, should I stay in Foundation???


Hi everyone!
Well I started LL on 28th October and I'm in week 11 of Foundation (I think) so far I've lost 3 stone 2lb :)
I started off weighing 13 stone 4lb and now I'm 10 stone 2lb my bmi is now 24.28
I really wanted to reach 10 stone 4lb that was my target, I've gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and I'm really really happy!!

The only problem is that my foundation group has 3 more weeks to go and I really want to stay with my group as they are all lovely and really supportive, I know that all of them are going to development apart from me, I will go straight to management

I was thinking about trying to lose 9lb more so I'm 9 and a half stone by the end of foundation but I'm not sure if I'll look too thin??

Any ideas would be gratley appriciated
Thanks Gail x
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I'm going to be slim
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Can't answer your question for you
but just wanted to say a great big


Thanks for the kind replies :)

Last Straw- I must admit I'm really happy with my weight now and really dont want to lose much more..... but I would love to be under 10 stone which I've never been (well since I was about 15)

Ive really struggled to get back on it after christmas (I ate for 3 days) so I am quite looking foward to management and being able to eat again :)


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We had a couple of people in my foundation group who began RTM on week 12 but they kept coming to our group (just weren't allowed to talk about food!)
Personally, I wish I'd got my weight down a little bit more before I went onto management as it would have given me a little more flexibility-especially over Christmas! But it's a very individual thing so just go with whatever feels right :)


nearly there!! :)
i too think its ur choice. if u really 100% dont want to go any further, then talk to ur llc, but make the decision ur least likely to regret at the end of it all.

would u always think"a bugger why didnt i go them extra couple of weeks"? xxx


Thanks everyone for the great advice,
I'm going to go to class on wednesday and than see how I feel then,

I think I'm finding it so hard after christmas I'm just wanting to eat all the time (I havent though :))
I know that even on management I wont be able to eat what I want

I was dreading the weigh in last wednesday as I ate over christmas but then was abstinent for a week and a half before WI, I really suprised myself and lost 7lb :D so I was on a high and felt really good as it brought me over my 3 stone target

ever since wednesday I've felt really deppressed and every time someone says you look really thin it embarresses me :eek: and I thought it would make me feel really good??

Sorry for the long post :)


Back to the grindstone!!
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Well done! Your loss is wonderful and it's good that you are happy where you are.
I did LL back two years ago and found that my body was telling me when it was ready to go back to food. I couldn't think of anything else and that was after almost 7 months of abstinance.
I think that losing a small amount more to give you that cushion isn't a bad plan but at the end of the day you need to do what is best for you.
It is wonderful in the foundation class and I miss the fun and games we used to get up to although a few of the woman are still close friends!
Good luck in RTM when you get there!!!!


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Huge well done on your weight loss - must feel amazing to be wearing size 10s!

Loula xx