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At risk of falling off, please help!

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Hi all
I'm having a really bad day today, I have split up from my OH, well I told him to leave and now I wish I hadnt.
My mind is so confused right now and all i want to do is walk up to morrisons, buy a treacle pecan pastry 2 pack and stuff it in my gob :eek:
Why do I always turn to food when the going gets tough?
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Mrs V

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Because food is always a comforter when you were little Huni. Sweet things were probably given to you to help you overcome a fall, graze that you may have had and that often becomes a blanket. This is what happened to me.
Im sorry to hear that you and your OH have split up and Im sure that you really are upset about things right now. Please dont turn to food though. You have to talk things over with your OH as you said that you are regretting it now. There must have been a reason why you made that decision in the first place and thats what you need to sort out first.
Keep on track. We are here for you.

Take care

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Thank you for your reply.
I think I'm pushing him away, I'm just so moody all the time and snappy for no reason, I dont like to admit it but I feel I may be getting PND, my son is 19 weeks old and the last few weeks I feel myself getting lower and lower.
I'm not going to turn to food, well I am, but only a syn free yogurt!
might even treat myself to a curly wirly tommorrow lol
I've been so good all week I cant loose it now, I need to stay focused, thats why i made the thread cos I knew someone would kick me up the bum.


Nojo on the YoYo
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Oh honey, i'm so so sorry about you and OH. I know I would be devastated if that was me, so I really really do sympathise. I'm sending you big huge mega hugs.

Now, for the binge problem:


If you really can't get through without a binge, binge on food that's free.

Find your ultimate comfort foods and eat the nearest on-plan SW alternative.

I find green days are the best days to exercise comfort eating. have a nice big fat green day, or even an EE day!

Chips? SW chips. Have a green day and eat piiiiles of them. Chop up a sack of spuds, par boil, squirt with fry light and shove in oven! Chips, fried eggs and mushy peas will fill you right up.

Chicken? Get a rotisserie chicken and remove the skin, buy some ready made salad and MAKE SURE YOU THROW THAT SKIN OUT!

Pasta? Make 3 packets of macoroni pasta n sauce (1 syn each)

If all else fails, BANANAS!

Then have a good cry, a food sleep and try and regain your thoughts.


Silver Member

At least you recognise that you want to comfort eat, that is better than just doing it and ignoring it. Go Muller Light!

And also I'd speak to your doctor about PND, just in case


Mrs V

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I agree. PND can happen at any time, not necessarily when LO is a new-born either. Speak to your GP/Health Visitor who can work with you.
You will be back to yourself before you know it. Dont put off going to the GP's/HV's though, if it is PND, better to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

Take care.



Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hey, *huge hugs* to you. Firstly, a huge pile of SW chips with melted cheese on top never fails to satisfy when a binge is in the air...

PND. Well, my LO is 15months old now. I had a traumatic birth with him which I was not at all prepared for, 3weeks before EDD. I am certain I had PND. I didn't tell a single person, not even my OH knows... infact I think this is the first time I've told anyone!! :eek: I still to this day feel guilt for my LO, like I didn't do my best, and get the odd day of feeling like I'm a naff mother to him. I REALLY wish I'd spoken to someone instead of dishing out the "I'm just tired" line when anyone asked how I was. I remember not leaving the house on my own with him until he was 4months old. I can't remember the time when it got better, must have been around 6months. Oh no I'm rambling... I just wanted you to know you're not alone. I really hope you can talk to your OH or anyone really. You'll end up regretting it like I do. *hugs again* Hope you feel better soon and stuff yourself with free foods and HEX's allowance. xxxxx


Slow but sure....
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I'm sorry you are having a rough time of it at the moment, you obviously told your OH to leave in the heat of the moment - is there no way you can get back together again - why don't you give him a call and sit down and discuss things through together, good luck to you, and I hope you manage to patch things up with your OH. X


slow but steady!
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have some huge hugz *squishy hugz*

oh and yeh if you feel like binging try the things suggested above!

admitting you have a problem is the first part of getting it sorted, go see your doctor and i am sure you and OH will work things out :)

had one of the most difficult conversations i have ever had with my OH just last night actually about thinking he has some sort of mental health issue, was hard to tell him that I think he has a problem and was hard for him to admit it too but now can go see doctor and get it sorted. Nothing to be ashamed off as many as 1 in 3 people suffer from sort of mental health issue at somepoint in their life.

Best of luck to you

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Wow thank you for all your replies!
I had really bad PND with my first son and i'm recognising the signs already, so I am going to call my HV in the morning and get her to come and see me.

OH is coming over soon, he knows I'm down but I think he's one of these blokes who just does not know how to deal with things like this at all and just thinks it's a case of pulling yourself together.

Ok I went up morrisons and the whole way I was saying to myself ''dont buy them!'' and I didnt! yay!

I bough 3 of my fave morrissons yogurts (basically just their own brand muller lights) some salad stuff, eggs and a sack of tatties, unfortunately my divvy pre SW brain was still there a bit and I mistakenly bought white bread! never mind, I hardly eat bread these days anyway, so I should be ok.

I'm following EE all the time, it suits me, I got confused with red and green days, and I love my tatties and meat so it was a no brainer lol

Thank you again, I absolutely love this site, you lot are so nice, this forum is just what I need to help me stay on track xx


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In addition to PND have you started any contraception daft ask I know but I was mistakenly diagnosed with PND starting when son was 4 months old, when things got bad with hubby I thought wats the point in taking the pill I don't need it as we don't do it, 3 days latter I was better. Its very common. Hug.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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I had horrendous PND with both my boys, it wasn't very well known then. Poor OH said later that he was frightened to come home at one stage as he didn't know what he'd find! Contact the surgery at once, sit your OH down and tell him how you feel and that you can't help being irrational at the moment and gently suggest what he could do to make life easier for you both. Ask him for his help, it'll make him feel useful and wanted. Men are such frail creatures! And come on here! Anything they give you to right it will take at least a couple of weeks to start working, so you'll need us too! You know where we are, we're all here for you xxxx:hug99:
S: 14st11lb C: 14st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st8lb(3.86%)
In addition to PND have you started any contraception daft ask I know but I was mistakenly diagnosed with PND starting when son was 4 months old, when things got bad with hubby I thought wats the point in taking the pill I don't need it as we don't do it, 3 days latter I was better. Its very common. Hug.
No I am not on the pill x
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OH will be back hun, he's got you and a baby now. Sometimes men can feel pushed away after a birth and feel a bit of a spare part (mother and baby getting all the attention etc). Tell him how you feel and what you suspect it is, but most of all tell him you need him. Men have to be smacked in the face with a wet kipper sometimes to make them see whats under their noses, (I think its genetic), but most of the time they do really care but don't know what to do about it. Also, they can be cautious of doing anything cos we tell them its wrong anyway lol. See your HV and take it from there, the main thing is you have recognised something needs to be done. xx


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I'm the same, when my turn comes every month, i just want chocolate, i'm off to Asda now and doing some research before i go to see what i can have, i have 17 syns to play around with.

I'm scared of getting the chocolate cormfakes, cos there are loads in the packet, over 100 syns.
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Hi everyone, didnt come back on last night coz OH came round to talk.
I just broke down and told him everything thats on my mind and he told me I should of said something, but I just felt I couldnt.
I've not had a 'time of the month' for 9 weeks now, but have done a test and it was negatvie, so i'm thinking it's stress!
I'll be ok.


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I am so glad that you and your OH have talked and it's good that he now knows how you are feeling.
Like every marriage, we have had our ups and downs. Divorce was even discussed but we talked and talked and 32 years later we are still together, and happy!
I hope that you will also see your HV, who will help you. Just keep your OH informed.
I don't think I suffered PND, though my hormones did go wild at times. When my kids were babies, not so much was known about PND. It's really good that they know now and I am sure that many more mothers are helped now.
Fortunately (or maybe not) I don't comfort eat when stressed or upset. I am the opposite and can't eat. My stomach ties in a knot and that's it. Nothing helps.
I am glad to see you have not binged on naughty stuff!
Please keep it up. ((Hugs)) to you and good luck hun!


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Hi Ryansmummy,

Glad to hear you had a talk and that you have been a star with food.

I found that in my highly stressed times when situations were all beyond me SW allowed me to control food which gave me a sence of controle over my life.

Life after a new baby is tough and very exhausting. I really admire that you have decided to take on looking at your weight so soon after having a baby, as I have said before on here my baby was 6 before i did that! We are here for you and we care just make sure that you care for yourself.

Lots of hugs

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