At target weight but feel unhappy??


Hi everyone,
I finish foundation next wednesday :) and so far Ive lost 3 stone 9lb, Ive gone past my target weight by 5lb!! I now weigh 9'9lb and my bmi is 23.04 Ive gone from a size 16 to a size 8/10 and I should be really happy.....

but I went to class last week and felt really out of place, like an intruder, I don't really know why but I felt happier when I still had some weight to lose, 2 of the women in the group noticed I felt uncomfortable and was really supportive

All the other people in my group still have weight to lose and are going onto development weras I'm going straight to management, I'm hoping I feel better once I start management I'm feeling that fed up that I think I may eat this weekend :(

Sorry for moaning I know I should be happy but I don't know why I'm not??
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You sound like you are comparing yourself to everyone else - feeling left out because your group is going onto something else - and you are left alone. Its no wonder you feel a bit lost..its like finishing your exams early and there is no-one to celebrate with you.

BUT you are ignoring WHY you have left the others to continue their journey. You have achieved something wonderful. Now its a new journey for you and you are not alone as there are plenty of people on here maintaining.

Its understandable you feel a bit lost but try to concentrate on what you have achieved....which is a helluva lot! And now for a new journey - with new fellow travellers!


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Yeah, I agree Coley

In the group you get to share some pretty personal stuff and you feel as if you belong and there is a rapport between you all. YTou have done so well and achieved what you started out to do.
Well done you.
None of us like change that much and moving on from a supportive group.
However, imagine how some of the others might be feeling - envious of you, wishing they were at or below their target weight. Seeing how much more they have to lose and also maybe wishing you weren't about to leave them.
I was the one left behind when other people in my group moved on to RTM.
It wasn't the same in Developers without them. The journey we undertook together in Foundation was really intense and personal. But they were there to welcome me when I joined RTM a couple of weeks ago.We all support each other and I am able to learn from their experiennces as I pass mine along to others coming along behind.
Gail try not to feel threatened by the change coming up.
Be proud of what you have achieved and imagine how others view your success.
Congratulations.You are starting on the next part of LL now. Good luck.


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I felt that at the end of the 1st stage then did not go onto RTM because of the thought of meeting new people when I was comfortable with who I was with. I put on 18Lbs in just over 6 months and have started the refresher course with a load of new people. Alot know each other but it is ok and i am now with people who are in the same boat again so i belong again, not an intruder! ?should have done it 6 months ago. Everyone has different weights to loose but the goal is the same- being comfortable in ones skin! These people you have come close to are not there yet but will get there and then you will all feel great. Be an individual, you deserve to feel great not an intruder. I've not been to RTM but enjoy. It's not a good feeling to start something new but I bet you feel better than 3 months ago! x


nearly there!! :)
as everyone else said, its probably a mixture of not wanting to move away from the group u started with, as ye started this journey together, and maybe ya feel bad having reached ur goal?

or it could also be a little of not being able to accept that u have actually managed to reach ur goal, and its time to learn how to maintain that goal?
im not sure bout u but when i first reached the end of foundation, i was a little in denial that i had reached goal! i have been trying for the last 3 years to loose get down a certain amount but couldnt push it any further!! until i did ll.

even now im still struggling to see that im not big any more! i know it takes the head a little longer to catch up...but it does get there!

embrace the end of ur journey, u deserve it after getting this far!
congrats xxx


Thanks for all your support guys!,
I think one of the reasons I felt uncomfortable was that it was photo night and a lot of people were unhappy with thier losses so far and having a good old moan about it, they were also discussing the development group.... so left out again,

I'm also very self concious about all the comments I'm getting from other people, I'm getting mums in the playground at school coming up to me and asking how I've lost all my weight and how skinny I am....I know this should make me feel good but I'm so embarressed!, I hate being the centre of attention :(

Anyway enough moaning, I'm looking foward to eating again and just hope I can keep the weight off, my last class is wednesday so I was thinking could I start management then? or do I have to wait until my management class?? xxx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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But they were there to welcome me when I joined RTM a couple of weeks ago.We all support each other and I am able to learn from their experiennces as I pass mine along to others coming along behind.

ANd we are so glad to have you back again!!!!! :hug99: ( yeah - same place, same time sounds cool!)

Gayle, good luck with the transition. It is scary - but starting LL was scary too, but you bonded with your group, so you will bond with your new group too. And you will still be in touch with the others until they join you. :)


Hi all,
Thanks for all your kind words

I'm starting Route to Management today!!, Ive had 1 bar and 2 shakes so far so I'm going to have my first 'meal' tonight, could anyone tell me what I can have, I'm thinking about a bit of salmon???, I can't see my LLC until Wed because I'm working 2 long days,
Do you think she'll be okay about me starting it early?


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You are the customer

It seems that most people know when the right time comes for them to start RTM.
However, a word of caution.
For the first 2 days you replace 1 pack with just a small amount of protein, no salad or vegetables.
BL will probably tell you later and it's on this forum well documented.
She had been so looking forward to salmon. She had it on the first evening.
Enjoyed every mouthful of the small amount she could manage to eat, flet great -- and then was up half the night being violently ill.
So beware, I had just half a small chicken breast, cooked and cooled and sliced thinly with salt and pepper for the first 2 nights. Boring, but fine and I did enjoy it.
Just follow your instincts, you'll be fine.
Good luck.


Oh no!! just read this while my salmon is cooking in the steamer :(
Not sure what to do now :confused: I could eat the salmon now or cook a small chicken breast tonight and have the salmon cold for dinner tomorrow??


nearly there!! :)
nope try ur salmon some people react in different ways!!
just be prepared for rumbly belly...i had chicken and had it lol xxx