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At the absolute end of my tether


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My past two weight losses have been 0.4lbs and 1.4lbs. I haven't cheated at all so I was hoping that I was in a plateau and that I'd have a good weight loss this week. I get weighed on Friday evening and so far I haven't even lost 0.5lbs. It's not my TOTM or anything so I just don't know what to do.

It's so unfair that my losses have just stopped when I'm not doing anything different or cheating at all. If something miraculous doesn't happen at my WI this Friday I'm afraid I won't be doing another week of CD :-(
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maybe consider having an 810 week? My losses stalled around the same point and I continued with month 3 getting really disheartened, once I had the 810 week my losses picked up again.


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It could just be your body adjusting, I know that doesn't help but look at your losses so far, it took me about 3 months to lose what you have in 8 weeks.

Try moving up to SS+ or 810 to see if that gives you a bit of a kick start. It'd be a shame to give up but I know how disheartening it can be when the losses slow down.


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Yes, it might be worth going up a plan, but please remember, it's impossible not to lose on this diet, and it's the fastest way.

There just must be some water retention going on here. I'm sure you are going to get a whoosh soon. Disheartening though isn't it :hug99:


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Thanks everyone. I'm sorry my post was so negative, I've just re-read it and it's rather pathetic :)
I just wish things would start moving again. I called my CDC and she's going to ring the medical consultant to see what they suggest. Maybe moving up a plan is the way to go


Winning a losing battle!
Let us know how you get on. It is disheartening when the losses slow down but I'm sure it'll all catch up soon. x
You've lost 37lb in less than 2 months, when the average would be 1 stone a month, it is probably your body trying to catch up with the weight loss.... if overall you are losing a stone a month then there is no other diet you can do that with..... I would look at the overall results so far and not dwell on the weekly ones... you have done amazing so far.


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Thanks again everyone for the encouragement. I've resurrected this thread to say I had my WI this evening and I lost 2.2lbs in the end. Still not fantastic but at least there's a positive trend there.

I've upped my water intake to 4L per day - maybe all the exercise I get from the dashes to the loo will help my weight loss ;)


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Atleast you losses are going up..slowly but surely eh? Well done!


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Hey Nicola..
Just wanted to say your doing fab..39 pounds in 9 weeks is great..
You may have only lost 0.4 lbs and 1.4 on week 7 and 8 but week 5 you lost 10 lbs which is truly amazing, so if you wouldnt have lost so much week 5 you probs would have lost a pound or two more the other weeks.. Our body just works in weird way sometimes.
I think you are doing extremely well. so stick with it and keep smiling xx
I'm with Curly on that one. You're doing fantastically so don't get disheartened if you have a bad week. I don't have great losses some weeks-for absolutely no reason at all. My body is just unwilling to give up on those unwanted lbs if it doesn't have to! I don't get that 'whoosh' either that others seem to get the week after a bad week. I've just learned to enjoy the good weeks and accept that it might take me a bit longer to get where I want. I'm not giving up on this diet. I looked back on my old SW book a few weeks ago and it had taken me over 3 months to lose just 1 stone!


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As already said a great overall loss and you have lost again, well done hun! It is one of those things that we become obsessed with seeing numbers on the scales. How are your measurements? How do your clothes feel. Perhaps try some on that used to be tight and also try and find something that now fits! It's a great feeling and way to stay motivated.

Hate to tell you but CD does appear to be working and these stalls happen to everyone. You will get through this!

Did you decided to move up a plan for the week??

Cheers again :)
Since my loss increased a bit this week I've decided to try another week on SS while drinking 4L of water a day, and if things continue to speed up I'll stick to what I'm doing.

If my loss plateaus again I think I will move up to 810 for a week and see if that helps to kickstart me. I've kept my bars down to 3 instead of 7, and for my dinners I'm having 1/2 a soup and 1/2 a bar to make them last longer ;) that way I only have to go 1 day without any bars. Fingers crossed for the next WI everyone!
I'd have lost the will to live by then :eek:

Cd is farrrr better lol
I almost did! That's why I chose to do CD this time round. With almost 7 stone to lose I would have topped myself before I'd finished!

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