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I am back on plan trying to give it 100% but I have a major distraction and it is really causing me problems as I have an urge to just eat when I am stressed/worried which I am at the moment.

My dad is no better infact he's getting worse and I am beginning to think he actually wants to go into hospital. He's not been taking his painkillers, even though he has now been given Morphine in liquid form, as he says eating/drinking/speaking etc sets off the pain. I am beginning to think he is anticipating the pain therefore not wanting it he avoids the tablets etc therefore he is not getting the pain relief and then needs to take more pain killers.

He was supposed to go to see his Dr this morning but when the time came for him to go he had another pain attack so a family friend rang the surgery (my mum in no condition to do so as very distressed and stressed) and the Dr is coming round to see him after he has finished his clinic.

This is all driving me crazy as they don't want us to go over as it will upset Ben too much (that much is true) but I feel that I just want to go over and tell him how selfish he is being to everyone who is trying to help him. We want him to take his tablets etc but he won't and he is so stubborn and has a very short fuse and has been know to have violent outbursts, so if I go over I am liable to be told not to come over ever again etc. which of course will mean that it will affect all of us as my mum can't drive and won't go against what he says (we have been down this route before and i ended up backing down as my mum was so upset).

Anyway I am now waiting for another update and I won't be suprised to hear that he's off to hospital, where he will be put on a drip to both feed him and provide the painkillers.

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Sorry to hear your problem! I guess that if you can't go around, all you can do is wait and see, nobody can make someone do something they dont want to, however much we might see that they need to. At least if the doctor is going around he can help your Dad get his medication. If he ends up going to hospital, at least you know he will be getting the drugs he needs there.
Don't let it make you eat things you don't want to! Hope you have good news from the doctor etc soon.


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Hey there,

I see this too often in my job where a family tears themselves to bits trying to do their best for a relative when nothing seems to be the right thing.. all you can do is look after YOU!! if your dad goes into hospital, he will be part of any decision making process if possible with the doctors.. It isnt down to you to know what is best for your dad, so dont make it harder on yourself by thinking you are not doing enough or getting involved. All you can do is wait and see how things evolve.. do not worry about things that you have no control over xxxxx


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Be in control of things that you can be - you are important and need to ensure you look after you so when the time arises you can help out where necessary. You can decide if the time is right for you to stay on the SW path now, or if you need to take a slight detour, it really is up to you. My advice? Take small steps, deal with now and the bigger picture will take care of itself.

It is difficult knowing things are out of your hands - but you know that your dad will be taken care of by the GP and hospital if needs be.

Take care and hugs are winging there way over to you to make you feel you are not alone....
Well after this week when my stress levels were high I actually managed to lose 2lb :eek:

We have a diagnosis for my dad it is Glossopharengyal Neuralga its a rarer form of Neuralgia if affects the Ear & throat, so he is now being treated for that, so just getting a proper diagnosis is a good thing.

Anyway I won't be posting for a few days as we are off to Cornwall for a long weekend, and I have to avoid the Cornish Pasties and ice cream and of course Fish & Chips.

My target for this week is another 2 lb loss.

Glad you have a diagnosis for your dad - that must be a relief for you all. Well done on your 2 lb loss, and make sure you enjoy your break and dont beat yourself up over the odd naughty treat xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
sounds very painful - i've had neuralgia before it was bloody horrible, so i really feel for your dad. he must be in agony with it :(

it's good that he has a diagnosis now - hopefully he can get proper medication for it now.

enjoy your weekend away :)
Just to let you know that I will not be posting any diaries, messages etc until 12 August as I am away in Cornwall for a long weekend, and after the week that I have had I can't wait (see End of my tether thread).

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