at what times in the day do people eat ?

I am very similar - 9ish for the coffee shake (depends on whether I am doing the school run but prefer to have it before I leave as I find it helps combat the dog breath!!).

Lunch is a soup about 12.30ish.

Then I have a chocolate mousse between 4.30 and 5pm as I find I can cope much better with making the family meal then.

Finally I make some crisps as about 8.30pm as I enjoy that as an evening snack whilst working through emails or watching telly.
I am fairly rigid in my times.

Strawberry shake 8 am.

What ever I fancy (shake or soup) 12 am.

Another soup 5 pm.

I was always a daytime grazer and so found this worked well but last month I found the evenings difficult and so have this week added

Half a cambridge bar in the evening chopped up into little sweeties with a warm green tea. This is such a treat and has stopped me being tempted to pick back in ketosis today! I am 5ft 9in and so I guess this is fine. Although my counsellor is 'old school Cambridge' and thinks you should have three sachets whatever your height and no bars.