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Ate More, Lost Weight. Ate Less, Gained!

Recently started maintaining on calorie counting. I've decided to just roughly calorie count & monitor my weightloss.

Anyway, the last week (the first of maintainance) I've put on roughly a pound. I wasn't too bothered as I heard this often happens a lot to begin with. Last night, I had a really bad night. Drank too much which led to the munchies (Haagen Daaz icecream with a Kit Kat Senses & yoghurt covered raisens). Weighed myself this morning & I've lost!

Just don't understand. This happened a lot throughout my diet. Bad days would lead to weightloss not gain, which isn't great for the old motivation.

Could it be giving my metabolism a kick up the bum?
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Possibly but i have learnt to not go off the next days weight loss. Like what they say with exercise, it doesnt really show on the scales until 48hours later, not the following day...


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I'm with Vicky on this one - there's no way that would show up the next day. As Vicky knows I'm a great believer in only weighing yourself once a week so as to give a truer picture of what your food intake that week has done to your weight. I can actually be a whole week behind sometimes - lose after a really bad week, then the following week after being good sts! It just doesn't always make sense does it!

My names Catherine and I’m new to this forum.

I know exactly how you feel, it's very confusing and frustrating.

Sometimes I put on weight when I've eaten healthy all week. I think the body fluctuates so much (especially for women with their cycle) that you only get a true weight loss on the amount you loose monthly.

Saying that I do have an awful habit of getting on the scales every morning. I just can’t help myself!


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That happens to me alot, but I do not maintain the sudden weight loss from binging...D: but it is rather confusing!!!


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There's a number of reasons that this happens ie NEAT, TEF and fat cells filling with water until you eat more again.

The 'reduce calories to lose fat' principles still is the only way to go, whatever the scales may report ;)

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