Ate somthing you shouldnt have?

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  1. tonya

    tonya Member

    Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have had a slip and ate somthing. If you have what did you eat and what was the consequence. Did it effect your weight loss?????I went to a FUN-eral yester day, I didnt think I would be there for as long as I was...ate some peanuts.
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  3. missyd

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    I Am Really Chuffed With Myself I Am On Day 6 And Not A Scrap Of Food Has Touched My Lips, Even I Have Baked Cakes With The Kids Sat Next To My Hubby Whose Stuffing His Face With Fish And Chips And Chocolate And Have Not Even Been Tempted.
    But I Do Wonder Though What Would Happen If I Ate Just 1 Chip Or A Slice Of Apple!
    What About You??????? X
  4. tonya

    tonya Member

    How I felt after it wasnt worth the peanuts, I felt quite sick. I think that is a good thing about this diet, when you start introducing foods again, I think you become more aware of what your body likes or disslikes. " Good luck with you WI Missyd"
  5. tracy2421

    tracy2421 Full Member

    well done, i not that good made rice krispie buns with kids and ate a couple, scales showing sts and get weighed 2moz, really wanted to loose 2lb then that wud be 3stones in 13 weeks, also go on hol to majorca nxt sat
  6. Sara4

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    I haven't cheated yet but most people that do ...... seem to feel extremely guilty and down. Disappointed in themselves. It does seem to effect weight loss too. If you look at peoples results, a lot of the time they have a bad week when they cheat. Those that cheat and don't seem to have a bad week.......well maybe they would have had a better week if they hadn't cheated!

    Also I think if you cheat once it makes it easier to cheat again. Final point, a big part of the point of LT is that if you don't eat for a minimum of 4 weeks then your taste buds go back to zero (sort of). Then when you start to eat again, it is your chance to retrain your taste buds to like good food!

    So the moral of this post is ......DON'T BLOODY EAT!!!!!!!!
  7. Fat Girl Slim

    Fat Girl Slim Full Member

    I had a binge for the first time on week 9 and after I had eaten I felt terrible and I didn't really enjoy the food. Trust me its not worth it.
  8. 2005pinkpig

    2005pinkpig Full Member

    I have overcome so many hurdles doing this and now realise that I don't have to have what every1 else is having all the time. People eat allsorts of gorgeous smelling things around me and I am not even tempted just inhale the smell and that's enough lol (weird I know but it works) I just think that when I reach my target it will make it all worth while and any food at all is defeating the object of a Total Food Replacement Plan. Good Luck xx
  9. redhed

    redhed Full Member

    fraid to say i did 3 weeks back, with the most torturous food ever!!!! CHOCOLATE, which is a big no no,its never worth it it will make you feel crap when you go for your weigh in and not to mention the waste of £36,dont do it !!!!!!! xxxx
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