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Atkins after Refeed?


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The diet u choose after refeed is ur own choice. Atkins would be ok but have a look at Nictastics, Allyoxo and Tracys diary on the Gi diet. It seems to work well too. Its well 4 ya heading off on a cruise.Best of luck anyways


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good question atkins was also my next choice, looking forward to hearing others thoughts on this.
enjoy your cruise and take advantage of all the gym facilities as well as the buffet and you will stay in control of your weight loss.
Low carb/atkins after refeed

Hi everyone,
After loosing alot of weight with LT 2 years ago, I stayed on maintenance for ages and it kept everything under control. As I said in a previous post I changed medication and managed to put on 10lbs through no fault of own as did not change eating habits one bit. As I reckon the weight increase was hormonal, nothing seemed to shift it. Maintenance, WW and then my final try was Low Carb. With WW managed to go up an extra 2 lbs, then the usual, loose it again next week etc.. With the low carb, i felt for the first time in my life physically and mentally full, if that makes sense to anyone!! I did the introductory 2 weeks for 5 weeks, didn't have one drink. Didn't manage to loose anything but didn't put on either. As i said it was the first time in my life that i was satisfied. Cravings for bread and the like left me after the first week. As a result of not loosing after sticking to it to the letter I decided to go give the TFR another go before my hols. I finish next monday which will have been 4 weeks and am thrilled. I will do the refeed to the letter but am so anxious about what to do after this. Was considering the maintenance again, but it's so expensive in Ireland especially if you're having 2 m products a day with one meal. In the literature we get from the chemists it stresses LOW FAT and on other posts the same. Im sooo concerned coz with the Low carb diet you can't have low fat anything as they contain high levels of carbs, eg: mayo, dressings, butter, cheese and you're supposed to cook in olive oil and the like. I'm sorry for the long winded post. I'd be so grateful for any thoughts or advice.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi Madison,
My interpretation of Low Fat in the LT literature, is 'don't over eat'. Low fat diets are not good for you because they are deficient in essential fatty acids, and they leave you feeling unsatisfied.
Low GI is brilliant (bf has lost over 2 stone on it since I went on LT). I plan to stick to a low GI diet and monitor my calories when I finnish.

My plan is to still cook in the minimum amount of coconut oil (it's the healthiest oil as it contains no trans fats) or olive oil. I plan to drink skimmed milk as it isn't higher in carbs than regular milk, make my own homemade yoghurt with it like I do for my bf, avoid butter as it's a saturated animal fat, and is bad for your health regardless of your diet, eat cheese only occasionally as part of a dinner. I think I'll still eat mayo now and again.
Plus I'm gonna eat a lot of salmon, nuts and seeds.

This is just what I believe from reading around a bit.

Atkins after refeed

Hi Guenevere,
Thanks for your reply. I reckon your right about the low fat idea. For years I've tried low fat diets with all the usual low fat foods and sauces, bread, etc and never felt fully satisfied and always left hungry and wanting more which is of course where the trouble started. I'm starting the re-feed on Mon, do it for the week and then im off on hols for 2 weeks to U.S. To be honest im up the walls about it going what with the temptations etc. Have my mind set on it that im going to steer well clear of the usual evil culprits for me, bread and any sort of crisps and junk. My problem is that we're staying with a relative of my boyfriends, so im going to buy the maintenance bars for each day for breakfast and lunch before i go. Hoping against all hope that i don't put up too much. Im being realistic in thinking a few pounds but any more and im just going to glue my mouth shut forever.
Thanks again for your info.:cool:


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Hey Madison,

I understand how you're feeling! I know refeed is a long way away for me, but I will be doing 3 weeks of refeed during my christmas exams, and then have a week holiday in Florida, and then home for Christmas. I am hoping not to gain weight, but I would die if I put on more than 3lbs!

I think the Maintenance Bar idea is a fantastic one.

There is some very interesting information in The Holford Low GI Diet book.
Especially interesting is the first part, there are grpahs that show that average calories consumed (in the US) have gone down, while the % of obese people steadily increases, and graphs that show that the amount of carbs consumed is increasing, while the amount of fat is decreasing, yet people are getting fatter. Also, within carbs, starch is decreasing and sugar is increasing! It is a very scientific and convincing book. It seems to me that a lot of other diets are Low GI or GL in disguise, like the WW Core plan.
I did atkins in the past myself, and lost a bit, but I think Atkins is missing a refeed program like LT has, a lot of people I know lost weight on it, but like me, put on even more.

Best of luck with keeping the weight off, the fear can only be a good thing to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Atkins after refeed

Hi Guen,
Thanks again for your helpful info. Before I started back on LT 1 month ago, I was advised my friend to buy a book called the idiot proof diet. Her friends husband lost 4 stone doing it. It's the low carb one i mentioned in a previous post. Written by 2 ladies who were themselves overweight and lost 5 stone each doing the plan. It's similar to atkins but you can eat much more veg and can have vodka and diet tonic/soda water after the initial 2 weeks. It's a really good read, i read it in one evening, it's humerous and so full of inspiration and I could relate to alot of what they say. It's as people call it the "pink bible". As i said i loved being on it and most importantly had after first 3 days no cravings for carbs. Reckon after i come home from hols i'll go back on it. I'll let you know i get on. Continued good luck to you.

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