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atkins alcohol.

hi guys.me and my fiance decided not to drink any booze in the month of june. so that's when i decided to do the atkins plan. it's now july,she's off to a take that concert and i'm ready to re-aquaint myself with the pub once again. normally i'm a lager man but have been known to have the odd jack and coke in the past. what alcoholic drinks are best for the atkins plan? what's your favourite slurp?
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I drink Red wine or G&T (diet of course)

I also have the odd Guiness but that's a no no for you mate. :D

I think JD may be a little higher in carbs, it always tastes sweeter to me somehow, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
Oh me too, it's one of the reasons I got so fat in the first place, 8 pints of Guiness a night is not a recipe for being skinny is it. :(
Vodka n coke zero = 0 carbs
Bacardi n coke zero = 0 carbs

Two of the choices i go for though i also stick to the ol rose wine as i figure if i'm having a drink i may as have one i'll really look forward to. Rose's 1.7carbs per small glass.

Here's a link to the atkins site

Atkins - Carb Counter - Alcohol
Let us know what you got wasted on madeinengland ;-)
Last night for me it was a few glasses of rose, a vodka n coke zero n two bacardi n diet cokes! Loads for me considering i've hardly drunk for over 4 months!
Do you find alcohol affects you more on Atkins? I did, during induction, I was a cheap drunk. ;)
Defo agree with you on the cheap drunk thing Jim! I used to be able to drink loads more (blame the forces on too much practice!).. Thought i'd have a killer hangover but thankfully i didn't however i did manage to get a glass or two of water down me neck before bed n also had a few before going out.
well i spent the night on jd & diet coke. woke up feeling like death so decided to do it all again on sunday night too! suffering now though but bacon and eggs should sort me out. have to agree with the cheap drunk too. went straight to my head and can't remeber getting home either. thought i got home about midnight and turns out it was 3am?
Woop woop, sounds like great fun Laura! That's the kind of thing i do after a few too many! I'm slowly coming out in random bruises at the moment lol.. ah well, like ya say, it's worth it every now and again!
Sadly, once you move onto OWL and stuff, the cheap drunk bit goes away. ;)
LMAO, do as I say, not as I do Laura. :D
Had a couple of gin and sodas tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed them although was starving afterwards. Ate about 10oz chicken and 10oz lamb with a salad. Stuffed now so off to bed. Back to normal tomorrow. Have got my son to hide the scales to ensure I don't weigh myself till next Monday.

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