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Atkins and Alcohol

Hi everyone,
I am curently doing CD but finding it hard to go without regular food, especially when cooking for family. I also find it very restrictive if a night out crops up as my workmates don,t know I'm doing CD. Are you allowed occasional alcohol on Atkins? I'm also finding the cost of CD a bit steep!
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I've done CD and although it's very effective it is far too restrictive, your social life has to completly stop (mine did anyway).
I've been doing Atkins nearly 2 weeks and can't recommend it highly enough, I wish I'd come across it years ago.
If you are stuggling on CD please please move over to Atkins - I promise you won't regret it.
Thanks Jaybar, can I ask you, did u combine both plans before switching completely as I am worried I will have a weight gain when going back to normal food?
Thanks RainbowCookie, I've got one wks supply left before I decide whether to switch to Atkins!


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Initially I had planned to combine both plans as I had so many Cambidge shakes left. However, when I looked into it I realised the CD shakes are quite high in carbs. Therefore if I'd had those and the Atkins food it would have easily put me over my 20g carb allowance. Besides, Atkins is far easier to live with than CD (IMHO).
If you want to combine both I would suggest doing a 790 sort of thing (or is it 810 now??) until your shakes have gone. If you don't fancy that, just leave the shakes in the cupboard as I have :p

Full on Atkins is great, tonight we're even having an Indian takeaway and a couple of drinks - and it's all allowed.

I know a couple of the girls on here combine, Suki and Sarah, they may be able to help you better than me.
Thanks Jaybar, Atkins is looking more appealing by the minute!!
You would still stay in ketosis by mixing cd shakes and atkins food.. Just go easy with the veg/salad Stick to green!

I am using lipotrim packs and some cd packs with atkins just for my sweet tooth and for porridge (with husks)! And for my minerals etc..

Good luck hun, you won't regret it.. :)


Happy to be slim at last
I am combining a VLCD and low carb too. I have packs for 2 meals and one "real" meal. My net carb intake each day is around 40 - 50g. I stay in
ketosis as the cals are still low (around 800 per day) and am losing well. I plan to go full Atkins in 4 weeks time, when I hope to be a stone lighter. :D

Good luck with whatever you decide and welcome to the board!
Thanks for all your comments, I think I will combine CD & Atkins for this wk and do 100% Atkins starting next wk.
Hooray, welcome to the madhouse. xx
I posted this somewhere else.

Atkins + Alcohol = pissed.

Take it very easy.

LOL Thank's Jim I'll keep that in mind. I'm going away on business for 2 days in a couple of wks,bound to be alcohol, will take it easy, don't want to get pissed in bosses company.
Yes baby Jane, I don't know what it is but there is something about low carbing that really affects your alcohol tolerance. Maybe carbs soak up alcohol?


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I wish I had read this before Friday night! I had a substantial meal of steak and onions before going out. Then drank copious amounts of vodka, lime and soda, and treated myself to 1 bottle of beer. Bearing in mind I usually drink alcopops, I was very impressed with myself!
After 7 hours drinking/ dancing I was completely battered. I was going to eat a kebab without the bread but felt a bit sick so avoided it.
Next day I had the worst hangover I can ever remember having. Tried to be sick but couldn't. I got in at 4.30am and still felt like crap at 8.30pm! I was craving sugar and bread like mad but managed to bimble through it on sticks of cheese and some very plain chicken!

To answer the question, yes, you can drink alcohol on atkins but prepare to get very drunk and have a hangover from hell with bread calling your name.

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