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Hi All,

I'm on my second day of Exante and although I'm doing ok I'm starting to find it hard. I don't feel hungry but more just distressed as food is my comfort zone. How do people push pass these mental barriers?.

Also I'll be doing TS for the full 12 weeks as I have nearly 6 stone to lose. Am I right in thinking black tea and coffee is unlimited?. Also what diet soft drinks have people found that are permissible?. Lastly am I allowed any kind of chewing gum and has anyone any hints or tips at all they can share that were crucial to their success?.


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Also this first weeks I'm just on shakes alone, would you recommend incorporating the bars, soups and meals etc

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Susie, well done so far, I would definitely recommend you have a mix of bars, soups, meals or shakes as I never found the shakes filling enough and I found the sweet shakes alone just gave me worse cravings. I drink green tea and occasionally the bullion soul if I am having a “hungry” day but usually just try and drink loads of water to keep me full. I like still water all day then a litre of sparkling water in a wine glass at night.
The only soft drinks allowed are Coke Zero or Dr Pepper zero. I love the Coke Zero flavours and my fave at the moment is vanilla. I have one at lunchtime as my treat.
I did t(e same as you and did first 12 weeks TS no cheats or breaks and lost just over four and a half stone in that time and now have a planned meal out every two or three weeks and have had a weeks holiday but finding the balance as in better habits now.
Good luck and you can do it x


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Hi Susie, I follow a similar diet, and it is true that one shake is not enough until diner! I always have some snacks like bars, cakes, biscuits and even some sweets to ensure I will manage until diner. Of course they are all low carbs , low calories and high in protein to keep losing weight. To have lots of choice, I personally shop them on Pickslim, you will find big range of snacks. For the meals, I mix MRP soups ( especially from now😉) , with shakes. Because only shakes is boring!
For the drink, I always have tea or herbal tea for the afternoon which helps to avoid sugary drinks. In winter I love to do a mix of ginger, turmeric and lemon : very healthy and detox, and full of flavour. Or what I often do in summertime is sparkling water with lemon, mint, cucumber to add flavour with no calorie and no sugar ! Hope it will helps!