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Atkins book


is a naughty girl...
Please can someone help me and advise me on the best atkins book to buy, I am doing cambridge diet at the moment and doing really well. However I want to stay in Ketosis when I go on holiday in 5 weeks so want to do atkins while I am away.

Or can someone give me advice on what I should eat during my 2 weeks?

Thank you so much :)
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Hello and welcome.

Where are you going on holiday?

Basic rules; fresh meat and eggs are fine - have as much as you like, but beware - eggs can 'clog you up'.

Get as many carbs as poss from green leafy veg - lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc. 20g maximum carbs a day, including the veg which should make up about 15g of your daily carbs. that's about 3 coffee mugs.
Try and limit your cheese - I think about 20-40g a day max.
Anything that tastes sweet or contains sugar is a no, unless you count it in your carbs. Even things like carrots, tomatoes and beetroot.
No fruit or fruit juices.

This is more for induction - rapid weightloss. If you just want to maintain then you can have some bits here and there but try and limit the sugars as much as possible - natural and refined.

The easy option is salad or veggies instead of the potato option you usually get with a meal. And if you're going for alcohol, clear spirits with tonic or soda are best, or maybe a couple of glasses of dry red wine.

Check out the 'so you're thinking of starting atkins' sticky at the top - there are loads of tips on there.

Good luck - hope you're going somewhere compatible!


is a naughty girl...
thank you so much! I am going to egypt and so excited although by then I will have done 11 weeks of cambridge diet and I know I will find it very hard to eat, but we are all inclusive so hopefully there will be salad bars etc!

Have a lovely day :)


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I bought Dr Atkins Diet Revolution which is the original & I think the most inspiring from Amazon for 99p plus postage the newer versions are Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution. As Laura says a book from the library may be all you need if it's only for a short time.

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