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Atkins Dairy free? blah

So I've been on Atkins since tuesday and got very tempted by the cream content :sigh: I'm not very good with dairy but thought the allergic reaction was mostly in my chest. Eating dairy gives me a croaky voice and a tight chest....something I thought I'd just ignore basically while having fun eating xtra thick double cream lol (I adore it)

It was gorgeous, and the cream cheese and cucumber wrapped in ham...lush mmmm.. but I'm suffering now.
I look like I'm 6 months pregnant I'm so bloated plus I gained 1/2 lb this morning!! :break_diet:

So its going to have to be a dairy free Atkins, which means my fat intake will be lower than is suggested for induction as I dont eat butter anyway (gross). The only fat content will be olive oil for frying and salad dressing, and the meat fat. I have got to drop the cheese and cream.

I'm wondering whether I should up the carbs a little to compensate? maybe to 30? as it does say thats what you aim for on maintenance, less fat and upping the carb?

I'm going to have to experiment a bit...or just do 20 carbs without the dairy but I already know that isnt very satisfying..I need a new source of fats so I dont feel deprived-having a rumbly stomach, because meats and veggies are not always enough. There is only so much meat I can eat in one sitting. :sigh:
At least I have hellmans ...anyone else have allegies or not able to eat dairy?
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Hi, and thanks...
I take supplements, tons of 'em. I have to because of my restricted diet anyways.
and soya milk is gross lol. I was using rice milk but cant on atkins.
Hi SuZann,
Thanks, I love coconut oil, I have a jar. I use plain olive oil for frying, cold pressed virgin to use cold. Plain olive oil has a higher 'burn' point...and I only ever use fat once.
Duck fat? I never thought of that! I have a duck in the freezer....mmmm tasty :D

thank you!!
I havent lost any more weight but I have been getting educated about low carbing and trying to find a more suitable way of eating as I keep changing my mind about Atkins. Now I have Barry Groves book I most likely will go with that (tho havent finished reading it yet! lol)
I tried some intermittent fasting but think that was a msitake because for the last 2 days my diet crashed!
oh well...back on the wagon now and back to good LC principles but with increased carb. I'm going to try 50g and see if I can lose on that?

I'm going to try and post here more often....I dont like seeing the LC threads so dead and the CD and LT so lively! :D
Yarrr great I failed......messing with my diet means I messed with my diet! :D
I've given up on atkins and low carbing, its now more like low calorie.
Funny thing is my weight loss is much much more steadier. (day to day)

But one extraordinary thing...it appears doing Atkins for 3 weeks or so 'fixed' my allergy problems. I'm convinced its the high fat thats somehow repaired my gut...or maybe it had just run its course. Truth is I dont really know but now the allergies have eased right off, I dont really need to be so strict.
I do have at least 2 stone to lose tho.
So here I go again, finding more ways to lose some weight.
I watch my carbs and my portions/calories but it cant be called a low carb diet anymore thats for sure. I seem to be swinging back and for between a 'calorie' day and a low carb day, depending on my mood and how I want to eat.
ok, maybe I'm just nuts, but hey ho...the weight is heading downwards so do I care about having a particular diet to follow? no, just as long as the weight falls!!
I wont be posting in this thread anymore because I'm not truly low carbing....
I need to get a weight loss journal :)

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