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Atkins haters


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Ask them why it's a bad diet. Then when they tell you, say 'what did cavemen eat then when they couldn't go to Tesco for a low fat bagel?'.

Enjoy the stammering and backtracking.
I just say 'At least I'll be skinny corpse then.'


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I think possibly because it seems out of the people who join Atkins, only a small number of them progress to OWL, and even smaller to Maintenance.

Basically most people see Atkins'ers at Induction, which again only few people actually consume 20g carbs a day. Starving your body of carbs can cause tiredness, illness, mood swings, etc. Our bodies need carbs and that's why Atkins goes by 20g carbs a day...it's meant so that people actually do get that every day and not 5g or 10g.

So in my opinion, Atkins has haters because they've seen people who haven't done it properly.


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If I do tell anyone the answer is predictably- oh the meat and eggs diet. I think you're right Drasim, the horror stories are the ones that stay in peoples' minds!
... help...no bread...no... fruit...scurvy...c-c-c-carbs... (she dies - exit stage left)
It's ironic that I have opened this thread this morning. I just had a look at Michelle heaton & her husbands FB page & someone asked what their opinion was about Dukan/Atkins. She said Atkins wasn't feasible for long term & it's not right to cut out all carbs..
I LOL'd because is she trying to tell people that she's not not eating carbs? She's like a skeleton!!!
Obv just wants people obsessing over their FB page in hope of yet ANOTHER car crash reality tv show... Zzzzzz
Hi, I think the problem is that Atkins has had alot of negative press and some people believe all that they see and hear.

I personally don't know enough about the diet to comment.

I would to hear how well people have done and how the "diet" actually works.

I'm afraid that some folk are just ignorant and assume things. I have tried WW, SW and low calorie but Atkins is one that I have never tried. Purely because I don't know enough about it.

So, please tell me your positive stories, I would love to hear them!:D


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Yep - we've talked about it before. If atkins suits you.......

No more cravings for lots of carby food
Eat when your hungry
Actually reduced appetite overall
Steady weight loss
Eating more vegetables than ever before
Rediscovering a love of cooking and food
Can drink a bit without feeling like broken the diet
Going on 2 week holiday and not gaining anything
Tons of energy
Lots of choice in almost all restaurants (cant find anything in wagama yet!)

That will do me for today:)


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For me the benefits are -

- no more bloating, farting outrageously (sorry if tmi but on carbs I can be my own orchestra!) and feeling sluggish in the afternoon
- sleeping better
- cooking from scratch - no more preservatives, salt, sugar etc - now you could get that anyway but Atkins has put me on a good road - although my kitchen is in shock - "It's her...again!" :D
- I have wobbled lots and fallen off the wagon but overall 20 pounds (imagine 20lbs of butter stacked up) is no longer on me :)
- for the first time ever I am more informed about eating well
- met gorgeous people here woohaye :D
not being rude cos we all have weight to lose but ive found these people are NEVER perfect size and they will also be the ones complaining about their weight and not doing anything about it. keep it going no matter what they say cos the day will come when they see u looking good and be like "what diet did u do again???"
ladyfelsham i just read yor comment and a light bulb went off for me. i used to be a fecker for burping randomly and getting heart burn. now i cant think of a time ive done either since on the diet (third week but still)
Really? I've been farting like a trooper. In the mornings I wake up and basically have to deflate before I can go about my business. I do keep that little tidbit from the haters though. :D
The thing that I've found is people saying...

'Oh you have lost SO much weight already please don't lose anymore you don't need to you are perfect'

9 times out of 10 the people saying these things are the people who need to lose weight & I'm guessing are jealous about the weight loss.

The main things that I love about atkins are...

1) It changes your way of thinking. When you cut sugar & refined carbs out of your diet your blood sugar is stable and you are not having eratic moods and cravings & thinking illogically like 'oh I deserve a treat' 'its just one treat' (I spent the last 10months saying oh tomorrow I'm going to start, I gained 30lbs in those 10months)

2) You are eating SO healthily. Loads of veg, meats and you are taking your supplements. Once you get over the initial crappy 'atkins flu' (which is your body detoxing) you have SO much energy.

3) You never have hunger pangs like when you were eating refined stuff.

4) You are drinking loads of water, cut out the caffeine & drinking herbal teas so your skin & hair are glowing.

5) You actually lose weight.... The weight loss keeps you motivated you kind of get a high when you check the weighing scales every week knowing that you WILL lose weight if you stick to it 100%

6) Its the best WOE in my opinion :D
The best thing for me is that IT WORKS!!! I have never sustained a diet for so long, my way of thinking has completely changed and I have made it a lifestyle choice. I can actually believe that I will get to target!!

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