Atkins Induction - how much veg


Hi Everyone, have recently started Atkins Induction but am getting conflicting information about vegetables. I have read 130g low carb cooking veg and 120g salad veg but whan I actually count the carbs for these they are nowhere near 20g for the day, so where does the rest come from or shall I count me veg to 20g daily, many thanks Debbie xx:D
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I think he's just giving a rough guideline because mushrooms for example are 0.4g carbs per 100g so you could sit there eating them all day if you wanted to. If you know the carb count then you'll be fine and go by the label rather than the cup measurement if you want to be more accurate. Many of us eat very low carb veg and spend a few carbs on something else. I have milk in my tea (I count 1.5g per cup which is 30ml milk) and a pitta which is 4g carbs (Joseph's pittas from low carb megastore). Also even though i'm still on induction and 20g carbs, I have nuts etc. I go more by the amount of carbs allowed than his acceptable foods list if that makes sense.


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Hi Deb

The rule of thumb for induction is 3 mugs of veg a day, which should be 2 of green leafy veg and then you can either have 1 more of green leafies or 1 of the other choices (mushrooms, tomatoes, etc) - see Jim's sticky, "So you're thinking of doing Atkins"


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Hi Debbie wot says. :D

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How much veg in INDUCTION

Hi eEveryone, thanks for the replies and yes James that is what I thought, it certainly makes more sense, Deb xx