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Atkins Newbie

Hello everyone :)

Well after trying and failing at other diets I find myself here trying Atkins. I found this site whilst doing celebrity slim (which was actually great just not doable long term in my opinion) and I would sometimes lurk on here as I was interested in the low carb principle. Anyway after trying to do my own low carb thing I have finaly realised that if I am going to do it I need to do it properly and commit to Atkins whole heartedly. So here I am :)

I am buying the book tomorrow and will go from there. Looking forward to getting to know you all x
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Well after trying and failing at other diets I find myself here trying Atkins
That was me nearly 10 years ago love, welcome and good luck.

Have you read the stickies at the top?
Hi Curvy - I was the exact same and I am really enjoying atkins - good luck!
Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys :)

I have read the stickys thanks they were incredibly usefull.

I couldnt find the book today which is frustrating but going to try a few more places on my lunch hour tomorrow.
Hey curvy and welcome. This forum rocks and it helped me a lot.. You can and will do it. :)
Thanks morenachica :)

Jim I managed to get the book today so busy flicking through it now trying to get my head around it all!
I'd only read and get to grips with the induction part to start with love, the rest can come later.
Looking at your stats Laura, you should be thinking of moving into OWL soon.
Thanks Jim will just focus on the induction phase for now :)
Curvy, you don't have a lot to lose so you shouldn't be on induction long, also don't expect to lose as quickly as those who have a lot more to lose.
That's so true Jim. Curvy like Jim said when you have a lot of weight to loss it comes off quick but the closer you get to your goal the slower the weight loss but a loss is a loss even if it's half a poound or 1 pound in a week.
Your reply makes me feel better morenahica..... I only lost half a pound this week and it makes me feel disheartened especially as I feel I am doing so well.
How long would you reckon being on induction? I get so confused.... having re-read the induction part of the atkins book and still thought I would only do induction for a couple of weeks.
Hey cazz I'm glad that I could help :). You have under 20 pounds to lose. I stayed on induction to be honest prob. until I was like around maybe 8 pound to my goal weight then I increased my carbs 5 more per week. Those last pounds took me over a month to lose :(. The closer you are to your goal weight the slower the weight falls off. I'm not a big exercise person which I need to do more of, but I use working and chasing trains and buses all day for work my excuse not to work out more :p, but if you could walk or do something it will help. I have a aerobic video that when I was on induction in the beginning really helped.

I know how frustration it is to get on the scale and have only lost 1/2 pound :mad: makes you want to throw the scale away! But being a former scaleoholic :D I've learned not to weigh everyday and etc.. for example I would weigh in the am and then pm and have sometimes from a 1 pound difference to 3 :confused: crazy.. so I weighed in the afternoons because I weighted less after eating and etc.. than in the am when my stomach is empty and have nothing on it. measure yourself it helps..

Hang in there you'll have a day where you'll see that big loss like a 3 pound loss. stalling sucks big time.. but the weight is coming off.. big hugs
Caz, we have all had stalls and periods where we lost very little, I certainly did, but more often than not they are followed by a whooshie, I think when you are losing the body fights back occasionally.
Thanks guys..... I tend to keep to my weigh in day..... but had to have a sneaky peek this morning and it boosted me :) I certainly feel my clothes are a bit slacker today also which is how I tend to measure myself in my head until weigh in day lol

I also now park my car about 3/4 mile away from where I work to make sure I get some brisk walking in at each end of the day.

I'll get there I am sure.... but it's a great comfort getting the support and feedback on here!
Hey caz glad you are feeling a bit more upbeat. Trust me stalls aren't fun but they will pass..

The idea about parking farther away to walk more is a great idea.. :D

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