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Atkins V LCD???

Hi, coming off Cambridge due to finacial stint :( want to continue my weight loss but dont know if I should go for Atkins where I can stuff my face with all the things I like...eggs, cheese and bacon!!!
Or do something low calorie like meal replacement shakes (Slimfast) and a protein and veg dinner??
I want to lose another 4 stone, which one would prove more effective combined with exercise?
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Can I do a mix of Atkins and Slimfast??

Like have Slimfast for breakfast & lunch then have something low carb like eggs and bacon for dinner?

Im sooooooooooooooo confused!!! Please help :(
Hi PJ, have you read my stickie at the top of this forum? :)
From the money angle, I doubt that Slimfast would work out cheaper than CD and the Atkins food isn't cheap either if you buy decent quality stuff. Weigh up the pros and cons before deciding - granted, CD is a large outlay all at once BUT it is only £35-40 a week for all of your food which is only £5-6 daily, and it works quickly so in the long run may work out cheaper. Perhaps take it up a stage in the plans and go for 2 CD and a meal on the stage 3 (1000 calorie step)
I buy cheap and fatty meat, that's the Atkins way. :D
I try to buy free range or organic if it is on special offer....I would just rather eat better quality meat where the animals and meat haven't been pumped with chemicals and water....However I can't always afford to do this unfortunately....Also the sausages and ham that you want to eat tends to cost more if it is low carb.....
Hey Pj - I'd go with Atkins, but agree with all others have said that is won't necessarily be a cheaper option than CD. The best thing about Atkins is that you can eat satisfying meals and although weightloss is slower than CD - you do lose and I think it develops good eating habits going into maintenance (more so than going up the CD plans). It does however boil down to personal choice and has to be something you can stick at. Whatever you choose, good luck with it.
The ones in Lidl are quite low carb, I ate them on OWL Dom.
My favourite are the Blacks ones and they aren't too cheap, but they do for 3 meals, so thats ok....
I like Black Country Farmer as well, you can get them in Tesco.

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