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Attack days

I might be running the risk of Jo telling me off, but I would say to do 5 days as the first weeks weight loss is quite high (mine was 6lb - 5 days on Attack) and I think you need a big boost to your confidence/motivation when you start a diet. Everyone is different tho and some dont have as much to lose as others. Whatever you decide, good luck hun.

Jo, please dont tell me off ;)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Yes it's been discussed before, nearly everyone has been told to do 2 by the dukan site. Jo the cynic (the realist?) reckons it's because they want you to lose a bit more slowly & spend more time on their paid plan! I personally did 4 and most people here seem to try and do 4 or 5 days. After that you'll probably feel like you need a break from pure protein so switching to cruise is the perfect moment.

Good luck!
My fear (as I've expressed before) with people doing longer term attack is the possibility for falling off the wagon... if your willpower is good (mine isn't - hence the weight issue) then by all means try 5 days attack...but if during that time you feel yourself cracking...jump straight onto cruise....if you feel in advance that 5 days of nonstop protein would be too much for you....do the 2 days :)....

I've just restarted after a bit of a STS/binge time and I went straight back on cruise because I knew attack wasn't for me while my willpower/motivation were rocky....I lost 6lbs in 5 days while on cruise....the weightloss happens regardless :)...

good luck with whatever you choose xxx
I too was told 2 days but done 5 and lost 5.2kgs so is that about 10lbs??? I could have stayed on it for ten days as I hate choices... Im VERY motivated with this diet as when I went to Malaysia to see my husbands family this year they made me feel like cr*p telling me how fat I was and asking if I was pregant and got very nasty so I thought Im going to show you all and next year when I see you you will have to tie me down so I dont blow away...LOL...Its ok for them they are chinese and you rarely see a ompaloompa asian do you? Funny how everyone can have their reasons and they are my motivation :)

Good luck Beverley with what you decide xxxxxxxxx
Families can be the harshest critics - we had a discussion regards this on the forum in the past few weeks!

Well done you for not giving any of them a well deserved verbal slapping...

not sure I would have been so diplomatic :D
aww hun ignore them and lose the weight for you , that way its not to keep family memebers happy !!!


** Chief WITCH **
I did 5 days my first time... these days, on restarts (gosh that sounds regular!), I do three cos I'm quick into ketosis and you only "regain water weight" when you do PV after 5 x PPs anyway...

As for comments, I once read this retort and have been waiting for the chance to use it ever since. Remember ladies... we might be fat, but we can always diet, right? Whereas [nasty/ugly/smelly/bald/hairy/choose your personal hygiene problem] are stuck with it... but would we be RUDE enough to tell them so? we blooming well should!
I'm keeping that one in mind Jo :)... though I never remember the good retorts when things get said....:(

I'm the one who spends the next hour thinking of what they "should've" said :) x


** Chief WITCH **
<I'm the one usually mopping up my blood cos I did say what I wanted to!>


** Chief WITCH **
No but only because I duck fast!

Since losing (the bulk of) my weight, I can never resist saying what others might only think...!! haaaa! (Too many years of keeping it zipped probably!).

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