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Attempting to get back on track


Silver Member
Urgh Ive been such a div... fell off the wagon yet again.

Im not sure if its because Im at a weight I dont feel too bad at... although still 3 stone heavier then I want to be but I dont feel too bad, so maybe thats why Im struggling to stick at it.

I've just been going out, eating what I want, drinking what I want and not even feeling bad! "Dinner out?... Ahh dont mind if I do! Maybe some wine... ahh hell how about 2 or 3 bottles"

Slapped wrists and attempting to get back on track....

3 stone 2lbs to go... over half way there, I know I can do this... I just need to focus and get it done and stop making excuses
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Gotta Make A Change
you know Sammy, everyone has these days, all you can do, is focus on losing that remaining weight, just imagine come summer you'll look like one of them models we see in magazines like fhm and so on, so get your head into the game, and i am pretty certain you will hit that goal soon

and also a big hug for you ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))


Silver Member
Thank you.

Hehe but mine lasted 3 weeks! lol Oh well, its all done now, cant change it, just need to focus and get the rest of the weight shifted


I will never give up
come on sammy you can get back in to the right frame of mind you were doing so well just keep focused.


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Hi SammyE I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that you don't feel too bad at the weight you are now.............please let my experiences be a lesson to you and to everyone else that feels that way how dangerous it is to stop short of the winning post. I have NEVER EVER got to my goal weight.........I have always been tantalisingly close but never actually got there and have always piled the weight back on again. So I am determined even if it takes forever to do it this time and hopefully this time I will stay there. I think getting to goal is part of winning the war and stopping short is sort of like losing. I am so glad that you are getting back on the wagon as you have done brilliantly and I know you have what it takes to win your war. xx;)


Silver Member
Thank you both!

Yeah Bernice, I know what you mean, I know I dont want to stop the diet but I think not being quite so unhappy with how I look is making me less determind to stick at it 100% but all through this Ive said May 25th is my target date and if I dont stick at it now, I will not be at goal by then so Im determind to stick at it now, if I can lose 3lbs a week, I will hit goal just before the 25th.

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