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  1. Tash86

    Tash86 Member

    Hey all!

    Hope you are all well!

    I did LL and last year and lost 5 stone - I have since put 2 back on and have been messing about for months trying to start back with ssing but finding it really hard. I need to lose 2 stone and would like to do it as quickly as possible but it doesn't seem to be happening and I'm wondering if I should do some damage control and start WW so at least I'm not putting weight back on :eek:

    I just wondered what sort of losses people were experiencing on WW and how they were finding it.


    Tash xx

    Ps - finish work at 5 so not being rude if I don't reply til 2m!! :D
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  3. icemoose

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    Don't diet anymore!
    Hiya Tash

    Ok firstly well done for keeping 3 stone off!

    Why not look at utilising Cambridge with a food plan so you get the rigidity of the diet but with food. The 790 programme is excellent at losing weight without the emotional baggage of sole source.

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  4. cd121272

    cd121272 Silver Member

    Weight Watchers
    Hi Tash.

    Average loss after the first couple of weeks is around 1 to 2 lbs a week. Sometimes it could be more sometimes it could be less depending on if you really stick to it to the letter or you might slack off one or two weeks like some of us do (not mentioning any names). I'm sure someone will correct this if it is wrong. :rolleyes:

    It might help you to have a look at the diaries that are on here to give you an idea as most of us post in our diaries everyweek what our losses are.

    Good luck with whichever you decide.
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  5. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    Was there really any point in the 'not mentioning any names' part to the end of that sentence...I think we all know you were referring to my good self...and YOUR good self too I might add! :p

    Tash - the weight loss varies sooo much on ww, but they do say that the average to expect is 1-2lb per week.

    Me and Clair for example (as she mentioned in her own post) quite often 'cheat', but by sticking to the plan MOST of the time we have still managed a steady weight loss, and more importantly we have lost something every week.

    Starlight however has stuck to the plan 101% since she started it in Jan and she always has a fantastic loss EVERY week (usually 3-4lb - I would definitely recommend reading through her diary, she's a real inspiration to anyone following ww).

    I suppose it really depends on how well you're following the plan.

    Reading through some of the diaries in the ww forum will give you a good idea of the loses and how well (or not so well in my case, lol) people stick to the diet. But it does work, that much is for sure.

    Good luck with whatever route you decide to take!
  6. Tash86

    Tash86 Member

    oh thats so annoying I just typed a reply and it disappeared!!

    Thank you for your posts - I think I'm definately going to move onto WW in the next few weeks - I'm at uni and go home on June 4th which is a Monday so would be a great day to start one of my friends goes to a meeting in York too so i can with her.

    At the minute though I think you might be right about 790 Mike - with my exams and revision and stuff it is easier not having to think about what to eat and having packs and I think having a meal in the evenings will make me feel much better.

    I'm sorry for being so annoying!!! I just need to get my head together!! :sigh:

    Well done on your weight loss so far - Thank you for your help :D
  7. cd121272

    cd121272 Silver Member

    Weight Watchers
    You are not being annoying at all, dont be silly, if you have questions ask them. We have all been in the same situation and if you dont ask you dont know.
  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Hmmm whoever might you mean Clair? :whistle:

    Oh Marie!! Fancy you fitting that description :rotflmao:

    In answer to your question though, the weight loss does depend on a lot. I have a lot to lose and DO stick to it 100% and have lost 53.5lbs in 17 weeks. The average is 1 to 2 a week. Its certainly a good alternative if you dont mind it being at a slower, steadier rate AND you get to eat all your favourite foods ;) Within reason Marie, within reason lol

    Good luck with whatever you decide, look forward to hearing how you get on
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