Average monthly loss on Atkins

Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by Sarah_P, 5 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Hi, I am currently doing a VLCD and getting on well with it. I am thinking about what I will do when the 12 weeks are up, as I don't plan to do it any longer, but will still have about 2 - 2.5 stone to lose.

    Am thinking about Atkins and wondered what the average monthly was was on this diet?
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  3. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    I haven't been on it for long enough this time around to comment, and I haven't done it following a vlcd.

    Rose Elliott in her book says that weekly losses are higher in the first six months than "traditional" high-carb-low-fat diets and then level out to the same (i.e. 1 to 2 lbs a week) so I can only assume that her experience is that losses in the first six months are 2 to 3 pounds a week or more.

    I've just moved over from weight watchers to low carb and lost 4lbs in my first week. Other people seem to be doing even better than that in their early weeks.

    Hope that helps x
  4. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Sarah, after the initial huge losses on the first few weeks of Induction I lost 2lb a week most weeks with the occasional 3lb loss.
  5. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks for your replies. I have been looking at Atkins online and it looks like it could well be the plan for me after my 12 weeks of VLCD.

    I am sure I will back with more questions then.
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Feel free to question as much as you like love.
  7. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    To be honest I would be VERY happy with a 2lbs a week loss on Atkins. I did CD and my average weekly losses were 4lbs with NO food.

    Good luck Sarah

  8. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

    Which VLCD are you doing mate?
  9. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Hows it going hun? ave you started Atkins yet?

  10. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I am doing Exante. I can order it online and just get help over the phone or email when I want it. I have a post going on Exante on the VLCD board.

    I am finding it really good so far, but plan to move to Atkins after 12 weeks.

    Having seen that my losses are really good abstaining from food, I have decided to try a week on their working plan, which allows me to have a 300 cal ketogenic meal also. Am going to see if it affects my losses. I don't think it will too much as I walk the dog for over 1.5 hours a day and that is helping to burn the fat. So I am preparing myself for Atkins by doing these kinds of meals. Am still in ketotis!
  11. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    25lbs in 4 weeks is absolutely superb Sarah, well done love.
  12. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks Jim. I am thrilled as it's a great start to my 6 stone total to lose.
  13. woof

    woof Alway see the love x

    :happy096: Thats great, hunni :D

    Woofy X
  14. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

    See I love the weightloss on VLCD but then I think about food and I just couldn't hack it again, ultimate respect for those that can! :)
  15. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

  16. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

  17. Jaybar

    Jaybar Full Member

    Thanks Sarah ;)

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