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Average weekly losses on each of the CD plans?


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I'm on the second day of my re-start. I'm feeling like poo, and really struggling not to give in. I've had 4 shakes today already and just had to have a tin of tuna. I don't know whether to go on to one of the higher plans and work down, or whether I should grit my teeth and get on with it. One of the main reasons I'm struggling is boredom. I go back to work next week, and I'm joining the gym this evening, so that will hopefully provide some distraction, but it's so hard!

Anyway, I was wondering, what are the average weekly losses on the other CD plans, I'm worried that if the losses aren't high enough it won't motivate me to keep going....

I'm so crap at this dieting malarky, lol!:wave_cry:
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I think I averaged just over 3lbs a week on SS and have been doing 2lbs a week on 810 - but I'm not being that strict so I'm probably having up to 1000 cals, but sticking to the items in the 810 plan.

I think about 2lb's should be what you lose on all the plans up to 1500, as I'm sure I used to lose 1½-2lbs when I was on 1600 cals a day on diets before.


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Thanks dinosaur, thats something for me to think about then!


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Don't know about the other plans hun, but I just wanted to say that I know how you feel. I knocked myself out of ketosis last weekend by becoming overly attached to the biscuit tin, it took me three days to get back in and I was starving the whole time and didn't think I would be able to do it. I did what you are doing, had extra shakes ate tinned tuna and even had salad (leaves) just to get me through those three days. If you feel the need to eat (and you will if not in ketosis) then just stay away from carbs and you'll get back into it again, once you do that you'll feel fine and won't be so hungry.

There is light at the end of the tunnel :)


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Thanks miel, I think thats what i'm going to have to do, although the carbs are calling! I might cook some chicken breast, so that it's there if I need it, rather than eating bread......

I CAN do this!


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you can do it - its hard but it possible lol :) keep going xx


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Thanks slaterslady! It's so hard getting your head aorund the fact that it can be done. I've done it before, so I know I can do it.....Just got to do it, lol!


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My average is 7lb a week on ss but I'm sure that will drop to a more realistic weekly average soon x


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Believe me, I didn't think I was ever going to get back into ketosis because I kept having to eat, and I do mean having to, because I was starving hungry and couldn't think about anything other than food. There was no way that I could get through days like that, so I thought it would be better to take a week to get back into it slowly and painlessly than go 'cold turkey'. I did eat whenever I felt that I had to, but I didn't have any carbs, it took me three days and now I feel fine again and don't feel hungry.

I say, do whatever it takes to get back into ketosis, if you're on day 2 you can't have far to go, might even wake up in ketosis in the morning :) so have an early night but failing that stick to chicken and green leafy salad if you need to have a meal to get you through, or an extra shake (did that too) and lots of water and warm shakes if you can because I think that makes you feel fuller for longer.

Hang in there, you'll soon be over this :hug99:


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Thanks eveyone for all of your advice and support yesterday, I'm feeling much better today!
dnt worry hang in there, towards the end of my first week, i felt really hungry and tired due to the nature of my job, i had tuna on its own on day 5 and also white turkey on day six ( dinner) i was scared i wont losses any weight to my surprise i lost 10lbs and never got out of ketosis.

as long as i did it you can do it !
***Best Wishes*** We all go thru it.

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