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Hey leesyloo,

I'm switching from LT to CD and was told that the average loss is a stone a month...the same as LT!! More variety on CD though. All I can tell you is to check out the website. I'm sure someone who knows ore will be along soon to help :D


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Average is 1 stone a month, but most people lost more in their first month (I lost a stone in my first week!). You have 3 meals a day that are made up of milkshakes and soups and bars. You also have to drink at least 4 pints of water.


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Hi when I did SS last year for 12weeks I lost 5-6lbs every week - I never lost any less than 5lbs and I never more than 6lbs other than the first week when I lost 10lbs so my weight lost per month would of been about 20-24lbs per month. Everyone is different you will see some peoples weigh in results vary from week to week others like mine will regularly lose the same amount each week - its just a case that all of our bodies are different.
Good luck with your journey


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Ooo Tink, that's an awesome loss, and has made me quite excited! Whenever I diet I lose it pretty quickly, as I've got so much to lose I suppose. I hope I have those kind of losses!!!


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I have just moved from LT to CD because I couldn't stomack the shakes and soup!! I gave so far had the apple and cinneman porridge and oriental chilli soup. The soup was ok. But this is a huge improvement on not being able to have any without wanting to be sick!! And I really like the porridge. It really fills me up!! It's the best thing I did switching!! I feel I am more likely to succeed if I can handle the food and there is soooo much choice!! You do still have to drink at least 4 pints but better to be more. It is the same weight loss if you stick to it as LT. I have also found I am getting much more support from my CDC than I got from the pharmasist which is great!! It also costs about the same!!