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avoid the burger wagon !!!


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I did avoid it lol just 2 black coffees however just fell off the wagon with sum Ginger nut biscuits lol oooppps back on track tmz !!!
Well you are going to get people mentioning food. Because it's part of everyday life. In my opinion mild Starvation is enough to make anyone anyone falling off the wagon and eating food. Loads of people mention food on here. Saturday a woman was going out for a meal and posted a menu to ask people for advice on which food she could have. Thank god I'm starting a conventional diet and sensible. So I won't be on minimims anymore. Sorry but this really annoyed me you removing the thread because of the mention of food. When people are saying everyday what they have eaten when failing the diet. An awful diet at that. Goodbye!!!


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Whoa Lisy, calm down hun :(

This thread was in the Total Solutions area which is solely 100% TS posts. Lots of people go straight to that section so they can bypass any food posts as its not allowed there, its to try and make it easier on everyone as lots follow different plans. If you look at the top of the Exante forum, you can see the different sections, so Starlight just kindly moved it to this section instead, the main one.

Exante is also sensible when followed properly and people here at mini mins try and help those in whatever scale of plan they are following.

I wish you the best in your weightloss goals. Take care.
Lisy you have TOTALLY misunderstood whats been typed so just before you storm off Ill explain!!!

The Total Solutions forum is for people who are going TS 100% - no cheats, no tweaks just 100% as such (and it clearly says it at the top of the forum) NO mentions of food are allowed on that subforum. It means if people are struggling then theres a place that they can read and post, safe in the knowledge there are no mentions of food..

As it says at the top of the TS forum: Exante Total Solution This forum is for people following Exante Total Solution TRF diet. Please note no food talk is allowed in this section. Any posts mentioning food in any form will be moved to the main forum.

This thread has numerous mentions of food so its been removed from the Total Solutions forum to the main forum where there are no restrictions at all and food can be mentioned. The thread has NOT been REmoved its been :moved:

Maybe you should read the forums properly before accusing people the way you have. Youve had nothing but support on this section the past few days
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I think the difference between forums is clear, it's an easy mistake to make as a newbie but those doing TS appreciate that space without food in the hard moments. It's not like you can't ask the questions, you can on the normal section of the exante forums then loads of the great peeps on here come and respond. I'd just come to post a thread about food, but I'd not do it in the TS space, that's all. I feel that I can totally talk about it in this section.


Doing it exante style :)
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Oooops :)

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I just didn't realise and am still getting to grips with this site. My apologies to Starlight. Which I have already done and I'm sorry. Im just having a bad time at the minute. I know that's no excuse but I am struggling x

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