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Away for the weekend - any advice on stcking to sw

Presuming you want to save your syns for some alcohol!?
Can you take nibbles with you (something syn-free / low syn) so you know there's something for you to eat at the party?

I'd be more worried about staying with parents! Even though my mum has struggled with diets all her life, she still insists on cooking cakes, etc as soon as she knows I'm coming round. You may need to be firm with them. Remember - you don't need to feel guilty about sticking to your healthy eating plan, and you aren't going to break your mothers heart by turning down the cake she 'made just for you' even though she knows you're slimming!

Or maybe that's just my mother. If so, apologies.

Thanks Lucky, definitely saving syns for a wee bit booze, lol

It's actually my stepmum (my mum's not the best of cooks, lol), she makes the best brownies I've ever tasted so I have to be strong, have also given up chocolate for lent!

Also I have to make tablet to take down to my Dad as he doesn't get it in Wales - think I'm going to need a lot of willpower this weekend!

Good idea to take snacks with me, I'll definitely try that, thanks again x
Ahh yes - Brownies!! Have you told them you're following SW?

What's tablet???
I would take some food with me- mugshots, alpen lights, etc. That way if ever you are stuck and don't want to have to 'deal' with resisting what's in front of you, or stress your step-mum out because she hasn't got food in you can eat, you can have your own stuff

Thanks everyone for the advice - just back and it wasn't too bad a weekend - managed to keep things under control - well almost! Alpen lights were a good shout, not sure what mugshots are.

Lucky, tablet is a traditional scottish sweet, main ingredients are sugar, condensed milk and butter - very very tasty but not SW friendly at all! Had one little taste to make sure it was ok but managed to resist the rest!!

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