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Awesome Day!!!!

Ok I have just had the most awesome day ever!
Had a really stressful few weeks, I'm living at home 300miles away from my other half and been getting JSA as the work I organised over the summer fell through. I got offered a job in Leeds but as I had agreed to housesit in Cornwall for a few weeks I couldn't accept it. I also had another interview up in Leeds that I hadn't heard anything back from so I assumed I hadn't got it. It really sucked because me and my OH were planning to rent a house up in Leeds but I had no job so no references.

So I woke up this morning generally feeling a bit down, stressed out and poor.
Decided to weigh myself to check yesterdays 4lb loss wasn't a fluke and Monday is supposed to be my WI day.
Scales still read 12st 12lb - awesome I have lost 4lb!

I headed into Plymouth to sign on. Got on the train and had a voice mail (signal where I live is crap). It was from the job I hadn't heard back from. Called them up as soon as I got to Plymouth apparently the HR manager had been off sick so they hadn't been able to call and I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

Was incredibly happy! They'd made me do this management task at the interview and I thought I totally messed it up but apparently I really impressed them and they wanted to give the job to me over some more experienced people! Ok so at this point I was bouncing about very happy that I could sign off JSA and now have a well paid job which I start on Monday.

Next awesome thing was I then decided to buy some trousers for work as I have no smart black trousers. Went into Primark (as I am still poor until I start the job lol) and found a pair of simple black trousers but the largest size they had was a size 12. Normally I'm a 14 if I'm very lucky but I thought what the hell I've lost a stone so far perhaps size12 might fit.

Went to the fitting rooms and although they were snug they actually fit!!!! This is a big deal for me. Normally size12 wouldn't even fit over my bum let alone do up.

So then decided to treat myself because I now had a job. Normally this is the point where I'd get in a massively calorific meal, perhaps pizza or a chinese takeaway for my dinner. Perhaps just a big bar of chocolate. But food didn't even cross my mind I was heading straight to Debenhams to get a new touch eclat as my old one ran out and I didn't have the money to buy a new one. I remembered I had £5 on my beauty club card so it ended up costing £18. Then headed to Boots and got a new mascara using my advantage card points so that was practically free.

Headed home feeling absolutely fantastic now planning a nice hot bath to finish my evening off!
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What a brilliant day!!!!!! Huge congrats on the job, best of luck with it. You done fantastic getting it.

Congrats on size 12 - woo hoo!!!

Well done on the bargains, you well deserved a couple of treats.

So does this mean you will be getting a house with the oh?
Yeah hopefully got to fill in the forms tonight so he can get them to the estate agents. Feeling very very happy right now!
heehee spent at least half an hour last night wearing the new trousers in front of a mirror. Everyone keeps telling me I look slimmer but I didn't believe it until I got those size 12s on!

Its a very good feeling. I'm also proud of myself for not thinking about food when something good happens. I used to 'reward' myself with food, normally chocolate or when I was stressed buy 'treats' like a takeaway or sweets to help me get through. Problem was I could normally find a reason for getting stuff like that on a daily basis. This last month has been stressful but I haven't turned to food to deal with that stress so I feel almost as though I've earnt the right to wear a size 12. Before I felt fat but I never really made an effort to not be fat and so I never lost weight. Now I am making the effort and the results are showing.


Go on smile! =)
Well done pink. Gtz on the new job and hope you get your house sorted soon!
Well done Pink it's great moving down a size :D I have just bought some shirts two sizes smaller than my last ones it was really satisfying and I had more to choose from
thats fantastic!! congrats on the job!

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