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awful day/rant :(

I am having the worst day ever. And its only day 5.
I feel like crap.
Im so tired, and ive been struggling to sleep at night.
I was so tired earlier i had to go for a nap cos i just couldn't bring myself to even sit on the sofa.

Ive struggled to drink my shakes today - ive just not felt i needed them and im so tired even making them is an effort, and my water intake is rubbish.

To top it off ive argued with my fiance, who is away at a conference, so im all alone cos ive only just moved up here and im at least 3 hours away from my friends.

I hate that i spend all day having to go back and forth to the loo cos im drinking so much water. I hate that i have big bags under my eyes and thats im freezing all the time.

I feel miserable.
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Awww, sorry you're having a crappy day, it's typical day 5 really, I bet you wake up fine tomorrow!
Try a hot bath to warm yourself up (with nice bath goodies in it for extra cheer :))
Then have a hot chocolate shake with a sweetener in it and go to bed with a hot water bottle. 2 Paracetamol will help you sleep and chase away the achey bad feelings. xxxx
Hi sorry your having a crap day, the above posts sounds like good advice to me, hang on in there you will be fine in a few days and I look forward to seeing your post saying your bursting with energy....your never alone when you have us lot on here....xx
awwww hun :hug99:
don't worry the exhaustion will pass, by the morning hopefully you should be sprightly again!!!!!
The fight with your fiancee, well, i can't say much been off with my bf all day!!! Everytime he rings i'm short with him and told him i didn't want to see him tonight when really i do:(
I think it's easiest to take things out on the people we love most! :ashamed0005:
Gonna text my bf now and tell him how much i love him, i suggest you do the same, i'm sure it'll make you feel loads better!!! :hug99:
First week is the hardest and you need the support he can give!!!
Hope you feel better soon hun, try have an early night if you can or have a nice warm bath or pop in your fave dvd!!!
You're doing great xxxxxxxxx


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Charliegirl, I LOVE your avatar pic!
I had a dearly loved ginger cat for 20yrs and still miss him. My daughter has a black cat who has a radiator bed like that, it's fab isn't it? I wouldn't mind a life like that myself! xx
thanks a lot.

and i hope you and your bloke are good little miss living. im far to stubborn to tell him i love him and hes really p*ssed me off.

i praying tomorrow will be better
lol -men tend to do that -then want excused for pi55ing us off because they can't help it because they're men!

Like miss living says, hot bath, fave dvd or bed and a book. Nail varnish -anything to keep your mind of things. And for the bags under your eyes -put two spoons in the freezer and in the morning rest them on your eyes for a while -BRIGHT SPARKLY EYES FOR FREE!!! ;)

Its never happened but if it does you wont be able to see me anyway so I'm safe lol

Just wait on them defrosting before blinking. :D lol
I hope you feel better soon, really force down the water as it'll definately help. Sorry to hear about you & oh, i hope you can make up asap x
Hope you're having a better day today.



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hope your feeling much better today! take care! caz x
Still feeling a bit pants... i just cant bring myself to drink as much water... and im really hungry!

weigh in tomorrow

Thanks for all the support :)