Awkward question about the shakes...!


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Hey all, firstly I hope you're all seeing good results so far on your SF journeys! :D

Secondly, I re-started Slim Fast today! But I have a few concerns... does anyone find that Slim Fast shakes upset their tummy a bit? I've had digestive problems in the past, mild cases of IBS and such, and these days, SF shakes give me *that* feeling... bloaty discomfort and other such side-effects... understandably it's a feeling I'd very much like to avoid! But I'm determined to lose weight in a structured manner and SF has worked well for me in the past...

I use the powdered form, as I'm mildly lactose intolerant, and by making the shakes myself I can add soya milk instead. A few times I've made the shakes in a blender, and I worried that maybe I was filling the shakes with "air" and that was what was causing the discomfort/bloating.

Does anyone else have any similar problems with SF? Should I keep on using the shakes anyway in the hopes that my digestive system becomes accostomed? I did SF for a year, four years ago (wow, time flies...) and I never noticed feeling this way, though I did develop IBS related problems a while after I finished doing Slim Fast.

Anyone else had similar experiences? Or is it just me?
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Im the same... but I only started this week so Im no expert


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I'm doing my own version of Slimfast with protein shakes. I have read a lot about Slimfast and it has a lot of flaws. Taking the strawberry flavour as an example, the carbs in it are 87% sugar. It also contains 13.8g of protein, but nearly 9g of this comes from the added milk so you're paying for powdered sugar with a few grams of protein.

Protein shakes are quite expensive but they are worth it. I use shakes from myprotein (you'll have to google it if you want to check them out because I can't link yet). These work out to be £1 each and contain 42g of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins, complex carbs, essential fatty acids, fibre and vitimins and minerals. There are literally hundreds of protein meal replacements out there so if you entered 'protein meal replacements' into google you would have hundreds of options. The majority of these can be made with water so might be better for you than Slimfast.

Edit: Lactose is listed in the ingredients of Slimfast.


S: 14st10lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 1st5lb(9.22%)
I was aware there was a certain amount of milk related produce in the Slim Fast powder, but I thought perhaps there wouldn't be enough for me to have a reaction (it wouldnt be the only thing that I consume that contains "milk solids" and such, for example).

That's really interesting J2BLUE. I did read some criticisms regarding the shakes and sugar, I have to say it did make me worry a little. I also worry about the lack of fibre in them.

Thanks for the info about alternative protein shakes, I'll look into that! Money is an issue for me though, I think part of the appeal of Slim Fast for me is it's (relative) cheapness. I have actually considered making my own shakes/smoothies, but I imagine they would somewhat lack the vitamins and nutrients required to be nutritionally complete!

Mrs_Hill2B - I hope the symptoms wear off for you soon!

Thanks for the response guys :)


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I have pre made shakes and instantly feel bloated but have suffered with IBS for so long now I sit and wait for it to pass lol!! If you have lots of water apparently this helps!!


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Im the same! i dont drink that much water must start how many pints of water make up 2 litres!! is 2 litres what your meant to drink!!!


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I had the same kind of problems in my first few weeks, although I was contipated too (TMI lol) but after my body had adjusted I was fine. I noticed in an above post slimfast shakes have very high sugar contents, does anyone know why and how its supposed to help us loose weight?


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It affects my stomach sometimes but I think its because I never drank cows milk before, always soya. Can I use soya milk because isnt that equivalent to semi skimmed?


S: 14st10lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 1st5lb(9.22%)
Mooncat, I always used soya. It works fine and tastes fine. I'm pretty sure it is similar to semi-skimmed calorie-wise, yes :D


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I had the same kind of problems in my first few weeks, although I was contipated too


I started slimfast yesterday and have had the boated gassy stomach but i had diorrehea instead of constipation!:sign0137:
I have decided to stay with the shakes for a couple of days to see if it settles down.


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hi girls, me too! i've been on it 3 weeks and am bloated/gassy etc but am putting up with it as i bought 4 months worth of tins when they were on special offer lol!