Baby changing bags???


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Hi Girls,

Having a nightmare finding a changing bag that is affordable!

Can't believe how expensive they are!!

Shel kindly gave me happybags website which is fantastic and the bags are absolutely gorgeous but like £70!!

No way have i got that spare at the moment, at my wits end trying to find one!

Anyone got any good ideas??

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Hi have u got your buggy yet as alot of them come with matching nappy bags, both of the buggys ive brought came with bags. xx


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If you join the boots pregnancy club you get a free bag, its black and grey and pretty basic but does the job. Otherwise it depends what you want from the bag, I was very specific in that it had to clip on to the handlebars as my back is bad and I didn't want to have to carry it, so spent about £60 on mine (and love it). Amazon does a huge range, and toys r us is worth a look too.

Lisa Marie

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I got mine in Asda it's just plain black and pretty basic but think it was only £8. I wouldn't go for a light coloured one they get dirty in no time off being put down on the floor and buggy wheels etc.


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we actually bought an ordinary rucksak that had loads of pockets in for all the bits and peices that you end up with,it even had a bottle holder bit, you dont have to spend loads on the proper things ( although its nice to sometimes !)

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We got the boots one and are doing fine with it :) I have another one we were given too but that'll be a summer bag as doesn't close right up. Also I don't really need a big bag as it's only a change of clothes and nappies / wipes etc for Catrin as we BF. no bottles etc needed. :)


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Purple hugs has a point - lucky there's loads of huge bags in the shops at the moment :)
Somebody bought me a yummy mummy bag for Christmas. I love it but I would NEVER have spent that much on a bag!!


OH will be using the bag that came with the pram and MiL has the Boots freebie one for when she has LO, they all do the same job at the end of the day!


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Ive you put in red baby changing bag on ebay theres a few nice ones,new too.