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Baby nappies which r best?

big bear

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My wee boy is 18mths old & we've just used pampers but they're not good at night?

He goes 2 bed at 7.30 & sleeps for 12 hrs. He sleeps on his front in kneeling sort of position.

The problem is he leaks really bad. They are the right size nappies so not sure what the problem is.

We've tried huggies 2, can anyone recommend a good nappy for night time or has anyone have the same problem

Any solutions gratefully received..

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I LOVE ASDA nappies. used them for my son whos now 6 - no nappy rash, leaks etc etc.

My daughter is 20 months as she has been the same - no rashes/leaks/soaks throughs etc etc and she sleeps up to 14 hours at a time (we are VERY lucky with that lol!!!)

They are reasonable as well and nine time out of ten on offer for 3 packs for £10! They are nice and soft as some supermarkets brands are very plastic like I find.

Hope this is some help x

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks hun, hubby has come home with morrisons 2 try..
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I swear by these for mine, i use huggies when newborn, then pampers until 6 months then move onto tescos (green packets) they never leak.


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I have a picture of my 10 year old son in that knees up prone position! I bring it out top embarrass him now and again! (he's 37!)

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks everyone?

Judi - ur poor son lol

He sleeps face down on the pillow knees up (like the way muslims pray) bless him :8855:


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I think all nappies differ on different children and have certainly seen this in my job! I use Lidl nappies - cheaper than most and VERY absorbant in my opinion, but you'll probably have to try lots of different kinds to see what suits best :)


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I had the same problem with Pampers so now I use Sainsburys on my 2 1/4 daughter at night and they are fine.


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I use Asda's Little Angels Active for my 17 month old and they are brilliant, she has never leaked out of them unlike when we had Pampers, Tesco, Boots, Huggies!!


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With all three of my kids we had to change a million (ok maybe not lol) times to find ones that suited them, and those brands were different for each of my kids. My eldest daughter did best with Huggies, my second daughter did better with Morrisons nappies, and my son (who is still in nappies) can only wear pampers active fit. I think it's just trial and error until you find one that works for your son.


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Have you thought about re-useables? I used them for all four of mine (in combination with disposables at times) and the latest ones are pretty fabulous.

20 years ago it was terry squares and pins and I really struggled with them but with my last daughter I had some colourful fleecy, shaped, velcro ones, which had all the flexibility of folds to create absorbency where you need it.
Go Real (online - google it) has loads of info if you are interested. I'm no campaigner - just wanted the best and cheapest and found these kept my baby dry and so comfy. She was a tummy sleeper too so I just bulked up the front and had very few leaks.

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I have that problem too with Pampers and Huggies, Asda and Tesco seem to be the best for not leaking with my son. We used Aldi nappies for a while too but they changed them and now they leak overnight too.

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