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Babymimi's food/fitness/feelings diary xx

Hi all

My name is lisa, i am 29 with 2 girls and a husband, dave.

I have been on ww and sw numerous times in the last 10 years, and lost up to about a stone but have never been able to stick to it or stay motivated.

I have suffered with depression and pnd. I have had a lot on mental health issues over the years and i have finally been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, which seems strange, but its a relief to at last know why i have had problems with stuff throughout my life.

I went to the nurse 2 weeks ago and i spoke to her about xenical, which i am due to get on 5th july.

I have been following the xenical plan as if i was taking the tablest, to get into practice lol.

However i have been thinking over the weekend and i am doing ok, and am finding the calorie counting laborious and the fact that everything needs to be less than 5% fat laborious and restrictive.

So i have decided to start trusty old ww again, and join you lovely ladies and gents over on this forum!!!

So have dug out all my magazines and other bumph and the ww plan will start tomorrow! Am looking forward to it, (and having some cheese and choc, which i havent had for 2 weeks!)

I will copy and paste this into my diary

Speak soon
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Heres todays diary :) i have 26 pts per day

200ml skimmed milk for day - 1pt

30g honey balls -2.5
ski yoghurt - 2

Goodfor you cajun chicken fettucine -6
Half can sweetcorn - 1
good for you choc mousse + meringe nest - 2.5

ww chicken pizza oval - 3.5
200g oven chips - 5
skinny cow lolly - 1.5

Total - 25
Saved - 1
Exercise - 1 (20 min walk)

Total saved =2

Good luck Lisa, am restarting ww again myself tomorrow too.

Am loving your idea of the choc mousse and merringue nest-that one's going on the list !!
Hi Mommy,

Yes it was yummy :)
Went to my mums for dinner and took my own, and my mum had made some meringe nests so i thought why not!

Good luck for tomorrow hun :)

1st weight in, and i have lost 3 lbs, was expecting a bit more than this but as some of you know i started on the xenical plan last week and was a little confused with the calories so maybe thats why.
Well done Lisa. A 3lb loss is fab! My first WI is tomorrow and if I lost 3lb I would be so happy :) I am glad you're back to WW - it's such an awesome program to use. I did it a few years ago and lost 54lb then stupidly stopped and went back to bad habits, gaining like 30lb in the process. I restarted last Thursday and I am sure I can do it even though I have a lot to lose! Good luck hun. xx


chunky chick :-)
well done mrs!!!!! 3lbs is great :))

just a wee tip, your 5pts for 200g of chips can be lowered to 3pts if you use Mccains Rustic chips or Rooster ones!


chunky chick :-)
its okies :))

my 2 oldest are nicole and aimee so thats why my unsername is nicoleaimee lol confusing i know :)

i answer to most things though :)
Lol same here, i guessed thats what your username was mad eup of :)

How old are your girls?
Have just done a 25 min workout on the wii and burnt 123 cals!!

Feeling gooood!!
Oh dear!!!
Have been so busy this week and havent put my food diary on. I have been having relapses in the evenings :cry:

I do keep meaning to save points for evening snack but i never do, and end up pigging out!!! Had takeaway last night even!! Got on wii today tho and have stayed the same from thursday, so no harm done!!! Onwards and upwards!!

Have a night out on friday and am sooooo excited, going in town with girls :D

Will try to save points :(

Oh and have had a new hairdo, and have bought a denim skirt to go over my leggings, looks quite flattering :)

Will post diary later hen finished eating lol
Hope everyone is ok

Saturday 26th June

200ml skimmed milk - 1

3 x bacon medalions - 1.5
1 medium egg - 1.5
1 slice toast - 1
spread - 1

50g low fat soft cheese - 1.5
2 bacon medalions - 1
80g (dried weight) pasta - 4
1 tsp parmesan - 0.5
2 x ww garlic and herb dough balls - 1

200g jacket - 4
125g grilled turkey breast - 2
100g sweetcorn - 1
laughing cow extra light - 0.5
50g cottage cheese - 0.5
1/4 tin low fat rice pud - 1
jam - 0.5

Aero mousse - 2
crisps - 2
pom bear - 1.5
skinny cow lolly - 1.5

Points per day = 25
points earned from exercise - 0
points consumed = 29.5 (oops)
saved = -4.5

Will make these up tomorrow with exercise

Yay have just earned back my 4.5 points that i went over yesterday on the wii!! :D

Heres my day so far

Sunday 27th June

200ml skimmed milk - 1

2 slices toast - 2
1 x laughing cow extra light - 0.5
1 apple - 0.5

ww tomato soup - 1
2 slices bread - 2
4 party rings - 2

1/4 pack asda roast chicken - 2
3 x yorkshires - 1.5
100g roasts (in spray oil) - 2
80g peas - 0.5
gravy 100ml - 0.5

wheat crunchies - 2
4 party rings - 2
apple - 0.5
Freddo - 2
skinny cow lolly - 1.5
2 toast - 2
1 laughing cow - 0.5

Points per day = 25
Points earned from exercise = 5.5 (4.5 of this covers the 4.5 i went over yesterday)
Points used = 26
Left over = 0

Oh my god have eaten loads today but still within my points!!!!

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Monday 28th June

200ml skimmed milk - 1

1 slice toast - 1
1 egg - 1.5
30g golden balls - 1.5

1 slice bread - 1
half tin tuna - 1
spread - 1
50g cottage cheese - 0.5
100g sweetcorn - 1

Good for you macaroni cheese - 7
50g chips - 1
(had a wicked pasta dish to concoct but by the time i had done everything and the heat, couldnt be arsed!)

bgty sweet chilli bites - 1.5
ww ginger and lemon cookies x 2 - 3
cheese and onion crisps - 2
chicken - 2.5
roll - 1
half jacket - 1
low fat cheese - 2

Points per day = 25
Points earned from exercise =1.5
Points consumed = 30.5
Left over = -4

Ooop again....will make these up tomorrow with exercise
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Stayed the same today, but i do know why, and i havent gained so thats the main thing i suppose, got a night out on fri but back on track today and tomorrow and over weekend.

The main thing for me is that i am not loosing heart ot getting board which i usually am by now

Sunday 4th July

200ml skimmed milk - 1

30g coco pops - 2.5

good for you tomato chicken and basil pasta - 6
ww vanilla yogurt - 0.5

170g gammon steak - 6
300g jacket potato - 3
20g low fat cheddar - 2
laughing cow extra light - 0.5
1 meringe nest with ww toffeeyoghurt - 1
(i crumbled the meringe in, was yummy!)

3 mini meringe nests - 1
2 slices toast - 2
1 laughing cow extra light - 0.5
half strawberry split ice cream - 1

Points per day = 25
Points earned from exercise =0
Points consumed = 27
Left over = -2
Will make these up tomorrow

Just been to my nurse to be weighed and have lost 5.5 lbs since last month, and 4cms from my waist!

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