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Back after a year maintaining to get to goal!

Hi all,

I dont know if anyone remembers me from last year but i have decided to go back on the Cambridge plan for a bit. I did it oct 2008 - march2009 last year as i was getting married and lost 5st.

I started at 22st originally and am now 14st 7lbs and have been for almost a year but i had to come off the diet as i needed to start eating food ready for the wedding and honeymoon.

I was going to start last week but came down with a chest infection (ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!) and so have delayed it. I saw my CDC on monday and am set to start tomorrow (I HOPE!)

Have been feeling pretty down with the antibiotics (which i finished yesterday!) i feel ok apart from a little bit of a cough.

Do you think i will be ok to start tomorrow? am having a lower carb day today with higher protein (chicken and veg meal tonight) I am dying to start as i have resigned myself to the fact i am going to do it and so am just not enjoying food anymore and just eating it cos i have to :(

Please cheer me up and tell me i will be ok to start tomorrow!
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running strictly on fat!
Welcome back and well done maintaing for almost a year xxx

Good to see you ready to go but I would wait another few days before starting ss-ing. Your body is not fully recovered so surviving first 3 days on CD will be nightmare for you.

Maybe you should low-carbing or get one of the upper CD steps to get into swing and once you are feeling better give it 100%?

Just a thought...

Whatever you do - wishing you very successful journey xxx

What's your goal weight?
Goal is 10st 7 so need to lose 4st.

I wanna start! i hate the fact that my mind is ready but my body isnt :( i wanted to be in Ketosis by the weekend (did it in 48 hrs last time.

How about i have my 3 meals and introduce a shake? at least then i can start integrating them and maybe start friday?

Bah! i just wanna start and its getting me down :(


running strictly on fat!
4s means you'd be on your goal in 4 months (taking an average loss on CD)
Your plan looks good and you'd be able to start ss properly on Friday.

Woohoo, bring on the next four months.
Maybe you should start with a small goal - like there is an new Lent Challenge on forum so in 6 weeks up to Easter everyone is aiming to lose around 20lbs... This would make third of your journey completed... Can you imagine? And it's only 6 weeks xxx
Thanks :)

I cant wait to start properly. I stuck to it 100% for the full 5 months last time, not one cheat or anything.

I make myself mini goals :) my first is to get to 13st 9 (same as my husband :)) then 13st and then 12 :)i will be fine, just need to get started!!


running strictly on fat!
I stuck to it 100% for the full 5 months last time, not one cheat or anything.
OMG, I wish I could stick to it 100%

Maybe one day I learn how to do it xxx

Love your spirit - I am sure you'll do well xx
Why dont you have another low carb day than try SS+, with 4 packs, then go down to SS. I had a throat infection too a couple of weeks ago (not on my birthday, poor you.) You have said you have finished your antibiotics so it must have been a week ago. Perhaps a CDC will clarify for you.
Good luck you sound determined.

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