Back again! :-)


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It has been a while. I lost some weight with Cambridge last year (almost 2 stone), but now just a few months later, I have put it all back on. :sigh:
After a number of false starts this year, I decided to try again, today, on a Saturday (work days can be quite stressful and often lead to grabbing a sandwich, etc.).
The biggest thing that I was missing during my earlier 'false starts' was coming on here and sharing support. It really did help last time and I think I have been a little naive thinking I could just 'get back on it'.
So, good luck to all the re-starters for 2010, anyone that is new to Cambridge, and of course, those of you who have been sticking with it for some time. It is great to see some familiar names on here.
Here's to success in 2010!! :)
Em xxx
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Anthony Smith

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Well done for coming back, im sure you will keep it off this time :)

Good luck and keep us posted



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You sound just like me!! Welcome back ! I have found that having your head in the right place is a must to come back properly. I had several re-starts last year after a good loss in 2008 but put it all back on..... almost 2 weeks in and 15lbs gone!! for good this time!!
Come on 2010!!!


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Good luck. This is a great place for encouragement and support isn't it?


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Thanks for your notes of support.

15lbs in two weeks is great Markemkat!! And 10.6lb in one week is amazing Nellyphant!!

I stepped on the scales this morning and seem to be down a whole 4lbs - in one day?! I am assuming this is bacuse I was still bloated from the day before when I weighed myself yesterday morning, but hey, going in the right direction!!

I have at least three weddings to go to this year, so really hope I can shift at least 2.5 stone over the next few months.


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Good Luck YoyoEm - the scales are being nice to you already x