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Back again...


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Hello folks!

It's been aaaaaaaaages since I've been on here and I see lots of new faces!

So to give you an update, the week before Christmas my father was admitted to hospital. He has been in intensive care ever since. I had to cancel our holiday to Morocco and managed to put on 16lbs. I have since lost the 16lbs and am now back to 16 stone 11lbs - exactly the same weight as I was before Christmas.

I now desperately need to get my BMI down to a minimum of 30 by 6th May for my next fertility appointment, so am back on sole source. And hating it. But I don't think there is any alternative as I have so much to lose in such a short space of time.

Anyway, as I am at the hospital most of the time at the moment, I don't have much time to be online but I do think of you all often!

How are you all?
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Hi ya

Sorry to hear about your Dad xxx

We're all grand here! Plodding on!!!

Nice to see you back though and good for you getting back into the swing of it all for a VERY good reason ;)


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Wow! Look at you! You've done so brilliantly MrsEssex!
sorry to hear bout dad guru, was trying to think of your name yesterday, could rem your pic but not your username! welcome back and good luck xx


please try again
so sorry to hear about your dad guru

welcome back, good luck with your fertitity appointment goal!


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I'm so glad there's some old timers left. I thought I might come back and find I'm like the new girl again! :D You're all doing fabulously and putting me to shame so hopefully I will catch you all up :D
You'll do great guru!! I'm sure if you stay on track for the next two month, you'll make your fert. Treatment appt. Boy it's really good to have you back!


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Thank you folks. Restarting is WAY harder than just sticking to it so those of you that are tempted to fall off the wagon, please learn by my mistake!
Hello Guru, nice to see you back with us. Sorry to hear about your Dad. You have done so well to get the 16lb back off again and I am sure you are going to do great on ss. I have heard it's harder after a break but you sound determined hun and I wish you all the best xx.
Hiya Guru

So sorry to hear your news. I hope your Dad is on the road to recovery.

Welcome back, and I know how difficult it is to restart - i had major problems with it in the new year.

(I didn't see this thread earlier... i'm rubbish!).

All the best!!

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