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Back Again

G: 10st7lb
Hey everyone...

I've lost track of the number of times I've started & restarted SW and come back to this forum, but I need the support & motivation so badly at the moment.

Especially after taking some pics last night, which will be in my handbag for the next 11 months (countdown to my wedding!) in case I am tempted to stray! OMG - they are just awful - really really awful :(

However I've had a 100% SW day so far today and everytime I think of straying I've thought about the pictures and how hideous they are...

I feel like I have a massive mountin to climb with the weight I need to lose... 4 stones.

Do you guys knock it down into chunks or just tackle it head on? Ideas and hints would be most welcome!!


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Hey! Welcome back.

My words of advice would be to come on the forum daily. The picture idea is good! Also, experiment with food, you can make some wonderful and weird things on this plan - mine was a sausage, cheese and sweet potato frittata which was lovely (I thought!)

I think that you should set yourself mini goals - they will be easier to tackle. I want to lose about 3 stone all in all, but I've set myself the goal of losing about 20 pounds this summer. It'll make me feel a lot better if I surpass that when I assess it in September, then I'll tackle the rest after :)

You'll be fine. If you do fall off the wagon, just start afresh and forget about it. I'm bad at this but I'm getting better - I like using it as an excuse to eat badly for the rest of the week, but this type of thinking is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Perhaps you can set yourself mini-goals of maybe half a stone and reward yourself with a non-food item, like a massage! This may keep you on track as well :)

Sorry for the mini essay! Good luck!
G: 10st7lb
Thanks for that :)

Chunks seem a much better prospect - I'm away on holiday at the end of September and that's 14 weigh-in's away (why is it on SW, everything is measured by the number of WI's??) so I'm aiming for 21lbs off before then.

I'll deffo be back here every day!!


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The motivation should be looking your best and feeling great on your wedding day :)
I've been on plan since mid November and am close to getting that 4 stone award, so it can be done.
What I get the most benefit from is coming on Minimins and especially getting some new recipes, checking others food diaries (and keeping one myself) and progress which helps keep me motivated.
I also find that going to classes and staying for Image Therapy seems to work for me. Are you going to class or doing on your own?
Good Luck!
welcome and good luck. I put apic of the wobbliest most disliked part of me and stuck it on the fridge/snack cupboard etc to remind me why I really dont want to eat it.Being faced with my jelly belly/lard ar*se always puts me off!
G: 10st7lb
Thanks Meli & Louise -

I've just been getting weighed at an express weigh-in for the past few weeks but it's just not helping - I need a class and rather than coming up with excuses - I'm simply going to to go to the class - stick it in my diary and just go. I know when I stay to class I do better but then I get a bit complacent and think I can get away with not going to class.

But this week is a new me... I've broken down the next 11 months into chunks... 14 weighs till my holiday, then 11 weighs till Christmas, 16 to my Hen Party and 4 to the wedding.

My first mini goal is to get 1.5 stones off for my holiday - but I'm aiming for 7lb chunks of that.. doesn't seem quite so horrific that way :)

Meli - our start weights are similar, I'm 226lbs - I'm inspired by your loss!! (and I'm going to check out your food diary, lol!!)


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and I'm also based in Manchester (South part). The local group I go to is really nice.
G: 10st7lb
and I'm also based in Manchester (South part). The local group I go to is really nice.
I live in the City Centre so I go to the one in town on a Thursday night :D The group is great really and when I don't go, I do tend to miss it!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Hello and welcome xx
G: 10st7lb

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