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  1. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    Hi people,

    Ive been here before, gonna lose my weight etc etc blah blah,

    So this time ive waited till ive got going before posting, 3 weeks in and lost 21lbs. im doing weight watchers. Ive been going to meetings for the first month but from this week im going alone due to finances....i cant afford the £22 per month,

    So i have around 175lbs to lose in total and made a start on that already. Not been to bad so far but I know with out the support of a meeting Im going to find it hard, so hence i ve posted in here for hopefully a new bunch of people to chat with etc etc.

    Really looking forward to getting down a few more stone and starting to get a bit more exercise in, so is my facts she doesnt think the current 3miles a day is any where near enough !!

    My other thing is, in my line of work im often thrown insults, generally bout every hour im at work :) Any how, what i would love is to be insulted anyway but being called the fat **** that is now 95% of insults !!

    Anyway, Ive only just got up and the dog is giving me those eyes, no walk yet today so she needs her run.....but i look forward to chatting with you all and hopefully sharing my experiences
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  3. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Hello and welcome! That's a great start you've made :happy096:

    Whatever plan you follow, however you choose to lose weight you'll find lots of help and support here.
  4. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    What do you do for a living if you don't mind me asking? :)

    We are here to support for sure! 21 lbs in 3 weeks is fantastic.
  5. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    Im a doorman at a night club :D Love the work if not the hours, but provides some money, bit of enjoyment and the odd rough night !! Hence on here at 4 in the morning !!
  6. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    Hi :) you've made a great start to your weight loss journey.Try to used the insults to fire you up to keep on plan .If ever I feel like throwing in the towel, I think of all the reasons why i started this in the first place. Im 8st down and ready to take on the remaining 4 1/2 stone :) keep it it up hunni x x
  7. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    Thank you. The insults are almost like water of a ducks back now, just like something original lol !!

    Well done on 8st, thats amazing, I hope soon that maybe i can post that on a newbies introduction, you should be well proud, thats a massive feet and incredibly inspirational. Im looking to lose 12.5st too so fingers crossed i can match you
  8. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    You sound pretty determined to me, this time next year you'lk be half the man you used to be x
  9. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Just popping in to say hi and give my support too :)
  10. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    good luck fatfella x
  11. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    Thank you for the support !! need it i think lol

    Man this week has been tough, there have been packets got out, only to be put away again, staring at chocolate, crisps etc, before them going back in the cupboard, its been a fight, but for me it has been worth it as this morning i did my first weigh in at home and lost a further 6lbs, happy as a pig in poo at this moment in time.

    Ive added the water thing from yesterday as i dont think i was drinking enough, so filled a 2 litre bottle up with water and left it in the dridge, and now making myself drink that before i can drink anything else, to my surprise i had drunk it by about 2pm.

    Any how, goal for next week to to get to the 2st mark, which is just one pound, but sometimes i think that that one pound is the hardest to lose,

    Right time to go walking with the hounds, oh and another goal was added at the weekend, being able to keep up with my dog, She does agility with my daughter, but as she was out at the weekend i did the training, Ill never keep up but i wouldnt mind being to get a little nearer to her and not be so bloody knackered !!! lol
  12. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Morning ff - what fab news, well done on the 6lbs, that is brilliant!
    And what else is brilliant is that you thought about eating stuff then PUT IT BACK again - to me, that's a real triumph :clap: :)
  13. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    Well done! 6lbs loss and you won the fight with the junk food....that is an achievement in itself :) x
  14. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Fantastic result. Well done :)
  15. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    Dam that was hard. A night at work sponsored by Dominos...and loads of free pizza....and i stayed good...weigh in tomorrow, better be worth it :banghead:
  16. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    So I fought the pizza craving but on sunday I did have a rather sizable chinese with my wife for mothers day, with out counting, tut tut tut. However i did only eat fruit for the rest of the day and had all my weekly bonus points this week, Ive lost 3lbs, which im pleased with.

    Thats over the 2 stone mark now, which is an achievement, next is to be in the 23's ! something I havent seen grace my scales in a fair few years !!! Gonna crank up the dog walks this month, try getting in a bit more exercise, maybe a few swimming sessions.
  17. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    Well done x
  18. fatfella

    fatfella Full Member

    thank you x
  19. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    well done x x x
  20. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Well done! You should be very proud of yourself :)

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