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Back again ^.^

Well I'm back after a couple of awful weigh ins +6.2 lb in 2 weeks! I need to kick my arse back into gear.

Over the past 2 weeks I've eaten Chinese, Curries, Kebabs, Mcdonalds, and many more and where has it left me? +6lb, tired with a dodgy tummy and a bad case of the number 2's. Was it worth it? HELL NO!

My house is a mess cos I've been too drained to clean and my daughter starts school on Wednesday! and I feel so un-prepared :/

So as of today I am back on SF with a vengeance. I've had my breakfast shake and a handful of monkey nuts as a snack and right now I'm off to clean as much as I can before I collapse :)

Hope you're all doing well and expect pages of spam from me in the coming weeks cos this forum has got way to quiet!

Lissy xx
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Welcome back Lissy and well done on getting back on the wagon again.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks mini x

Well the upstairs is spotless just a sink full of dishes and a little cleaning downstairs and I'm back on track :D

My OH went to the Dr. while I cleaned, took our little girl and then went to mcdonalds! Good ol' me told him I didn't want anything. I'm proud of myself, though I did ask for a Coke Zero which he forgot... ah well probably a good thing, I'll just chug some water instead.

Lissy xx

I am new to the site and have been back on the slimfast since tuesday.

Also got back to the gym but only because my boiler has broken and we have no hot water, so am doing a workout just so i can have a shower in the mornign before work. Ha ha

Keep up the work, we can all do it if we stick together.
I want to lose at least 7lb by next thursday as on the sunday i am doing a 5km run and want to feel more comfortable doing it with a little less weight.

Hope your all well
Haha that is the best reason to use a gym ever! nice thinking.

Good luck on your weight loss for your run, rather you than me tbh ;p

Lissy xx


is going to loose!
Hi Lissy

I was just wondering when you are following Slimfast 100% what the loss's are like? I have about 22lbs to loose.

This is my 3rd time on SF.

First I had no idea about this site and did it solo and lost on average 4lb a week

Second time around I lost 9lb in the first week then kinda messed around for a couple of weeks and lost nothing (weeks 1-3 in my sig)

Then I went to calorie counting after hearing a bad thing about vit A, long story SF helpdesk assured me everything was fine (weeks 4-6 in my sig)

I'm probably not the best person to ask because you don't have much to lose. I fall in the morbidly obese catagory so losing weight for me is a lot easier than for someone close to their target weight.

If I consumed 3200 calories a day I would maintain my weight so for me to be on a diet of 1200 calories I am reducing my calorie intake by 14,000 calories a week and 3500 calories less than your maintain calories per week = 1lb loss which means if I stuck to SF by the book I should lose 4lb per week as the weight comes off my loss would reduce as my maintain calories will reduce with weight loss

Hope this makes sense

Lissy xx


is going to loose!
Thanks Lissy.

Good luck from here on in. It is still a mission even when you are close to goal and worse still when you have been there and it slipped away from you! Damn....

Anyways onwards and DOWNWARDS for us all, we are on a mission Fat! so look out.


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