Back Again...


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Hey everyone!
Im back, again lol
I am re-starting CD when i get back from New York i get back on Feb 2nd, so it shouldnt be to long after that!! I cant wait, i have put all my weight back on, plus about a stone more, which suck alot. I have been feeling so shitty and unhealthy since i came off CD a while back, and now i can actually afford to go back on CD, which i am totally excited about :D:D, and im actually going to stick to it 100% this time which i didnt before cause im just sick of being how big i am :(.
So yeah, i will be posting alot more now that im going back on CD, im going to need plenty of support like before!

I also see alot of new people on here, so hello to all of you :D

I hope everyone is doing well.

Also i may aswell plug my website

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good luck when you restart x


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Good luck mate! I remember you from ages ago, welcome back! xx


Powdered Toast Man
Thanks alot :)


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Yep I remember you too, welcome back mate and good luck!


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Hi - love your pictures! I will look out for your posts when you start CD again.


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Thanks for all the nice comments, its nice to know i still have the support of you lot :D


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Weight comes and goes - Support is on here forever!


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Welcome back, and good luck for your restart xx


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I'm one of the new girls around here.... day 6 and still staying motivated. Good luck

Mrs Depp

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Hey Marcus, welcome back mate. :D Lucky you with all the gigs - I'm especially jealous of the AC/DC one! Last time I saw them was nearly 20 years ago!! :eek::eek::eek:

P.S. Love to your mum. xxx


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just wanna say good luck!!!


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Welcome back Marcus and best of luck with your new start!

I know you can do it again:)

Love Mini xxx


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Hey thanks everyone, your comments have made me smile :) woop hehe


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Welcome back Marcus

Enjoy the two gigs

How's your mum getting on?



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Hi Marcus,

Welcome back, i remember you too and have done exactly the same, so I am on my final journey on Day 1 and all is going well...

Enjoy New York!!