Back and need support!!!


Nomad staying slim
Hi all you Wemitts. Loads of you won't remember me but I was a proud WeMitt earlier this year and amazed at the support from the DH forum. I've found you here now...

Without going into the detail I had a pretty rough summer and came off LL at the end of June having been on it since end of Jan and with 2 stone to go till goal. Partly due to the fact that my counsellor stopped trading and my head was in the wrong place. Over the summer I put on about a stone (so not "cured" yet) but there was a lot of emotional stuff going on. I knew that unless I had got to my goal it was a dangerous thing to do but I couldn't cope with SS anymore after 5 months and all the "stuff" going on.

Anyway to cut a long story short I am back on LL - with a great new counsellor and now have about 3 stone to lose before I am where I want to be. I am very determined again and in the right place emotionally to do it. I feel as if, if I don't get to where I want to be (my own goal) I will always let the weight slip back on, just as I have done before. So, I need the support of all the lovely Wemiits to help me through the next few months. I'll have to sort out a ticker like everyone else but I think I'm at a loss of 76lb with 42lb to go!!

Its nice to see everyone's success stories and progress since the summer.

Will you allow this naughty WeMitt back?

Love to you all,
Hi Joolz
welcome back Im quite new so I dont know you.
Everyone will be pleased to have you back and as you know the support here is fab :D
I did CD last year and lost nearly 3 stone in 9 weeks but sadly regained it all so like you this is my 2nd time around and Im also like you doing LL im on day 13 :) ,Well done on your loss and not for putting it all back on you said you havent hlearnt enough with LL about keeping the weight off but you have as you havent left it till you regained it all.I would also try and forgt your weight-gain and try and see it as what youve lost and not what youve gained as in your head that will help you so much more.Good luck by Christmas you will be at target I bet
Hiya Joolz,

you and me both hun. Exactly the same, same weight gain over summer everything. I've been back for 4 weeks, and have found everyone more than welcoming and extremely supportive. You are not naughty, and you are more than welcome!!!!!
You have discovered that you need to return and have done something about it. That takes guts girl.
Go for it.

Loads of love

Thanks I'll Doit and Jackie - I am slowly coming out of the naughty Wemitt corner. Your words of encouragement are wonderful and its nice to know that i am not alone in my stalled/restarted journey. This is week 2 for me on LL restart and defo in ketosis as not hungry and feeling fine. Its actually really odd that it feels so good being back in control and not having to think about food.
Joolz, welcome back!!! come on in pull up a chair and start glugging that water!:D I am also a bit of a naughty wemitt of late, lol so you are not alone in the naughty corner.

I'm really glad you have decided to return, these diets are so tricky that you really do need to have your head in "the right place" to succeed, so I am v glad that you feel ready to jump back into it! You will be a new woman by christmas!!!!!!!
Keep posting, and remember, once a wemitt always a wemitt

Hey Joolz!!! Of course I remember you and it's great to see you here on Minimins :)

You're amongst all your old friends here (and some new ones too) and we're all sticking around to give the best support we can to the people who need it most.

Sorry to hear you had such a rotten summer, honey .. but now it's time to look forward to a lovely autumn, and a slimline Xmas eh?
Hi Joolz,

I am relatively new to all this stuff... my first time on a VLCD (four weeks into Cambridge)... but I would just like to say well done for deciding to get back on the old horse...

I just thought I'd say hi... and wish you the very best of luck with your journey!

Hi Joolz!! I remember you very well from DH (when I was a baby wemitt) and am chuffed to welcome you back into the fold!

Sorry to hear it was a rough time for you over the Summer - but you're here now and moving onwards and downwards :)

Looking forward to hearing loads from you! xx
Thanks for all the welcomes - it really makes me feel very humble and reminds me what a special lot we VLCDers and Wemitts are.

i have a question? - Can anyone tell me simply how to get the ticker factory thig on my signature? I've tried to copy and paste the code but it comes up invalid file. Any techies out there can tell me what i'm doing wrong?????