Back as a LL returner!


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Well, after losing over 3 stone on LL in 2007, I am back. I maintained my weight for about 8 months then fell pregnant again! I ate alot better than I did in my first pregnancy but still put on the same amount of weight. :mad:

I have another 3 stone to lose to get back to my lowest weight and start 2 weeks today. Any tips from other LL returners?

Carla x
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Hi Carla

I am too a LL returner - lost 6 stone in 2006 but moved house (300 miles away from my group :() and couldn't follow maintenance - biggest regret of my life :(

I can't give you any tips yet because I go to my first meeting tonight and so tomorrow will be day 1 for me.

The only thing I would say is to be positive. We both know the drill so we know what to expect and we know we can do it :D

Good luck and what date do you start?


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I have a drop in on Monday 19th Jan with my first meeting on Weds 21st. I am hoping that I get my packs on the Monday at the drop in, but not sure how likely this is...

Good luck - we can do this! :D


nearly there!! :)
welcome back chic and good luck xxx


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Good luck Carla... and congratulations on the new addition! From the teeny pic he looks adorable :)

Well done on maintaining for eight months, that's good going :D

Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on -

Anna xx