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Back for good...

Urghhhh...this time its for good. I did it about 6months ago as i told you all....and i lost 3 stone....but its back on and more so for various reasons (though i am aware greediness is one of them unfortuntaly)
Anyway...its more my health now that im worried about. I get puffed out walking up the hill...im under no illusions that it is going to be easy it simply isnt but i need to do this for my mind and my body.
My aim is still to have lost my three stone by christmas...three months more or less....it wont be easy but i can and will do this. I start a new job on monday so im hoping a complete change of scenary will help me incorporate the new me into it and it wont seem like such an effort as ill have something to think about!?
Also....start the gym tomorrow! Woooo....all these changes at once!!Hope i can do it....

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I could have written your entry myself!!!lol. I too am hoping to lose about 3 stones by christmas so perhaps we could keep each other company by putting up our losses (hopefully no gains!!!) I dont know how to add on a wee chart or table though. Lets try and do this for good this time.
Have just done a tutorial on how to put up a ticker thingy and think I have managed to do it!!!! I am beginning to get the hang of this site now.
Best of luck on your journey
Morning! Yes we should definately accompany one another....i have just woken...my first lay in past 7 that i can remember for soooooo long so feeling relaxed and ready (yeah right ask me in 5 hours and ill probably be knawing on my own arm haha)
Im off to my gym induction now....wishhh me luck!
We are so going to do this definately! Wooooooop lol(sad sad i know its amazing what having some sleep can do for the enery levels!!)
Let me know how the first morning is going xxx
Hi there
Hope the gym induction went well. I am going to start going to the gym in Oct. so thats good too. I actually start last Tuesday that was my first weigh in and have been OKish so far!!!!! today I was very good only ate ham if I felt I needed proper food ( Oh, AND a rice cake!!!!!) Will I really make it this time.
Let me know how things are going.
Hey everyone!
Gym induction went really well...the guy was really supportive and understanding and i somehow mangaged to be talked into having a personal trainer! I had my first session this morning...i have decided that i am paying to be tortured! It was so hard haha...but i guess nothing good in life is easy...apart from maybe beans on toast haha...ignore that comment im getting sidetracked!

Today was horrible...not because of the diet! I started my new job and what happens! I get ill...well not ill but a horrenous cold...sneezing 27 times today (yes i counted) and blowing my nose every 2 minutes in a room full of 17 year olds is never a good start! Does anyone know if i can have lemsip? Ill post a thread to try and ascertain because i feel headachy and rubbish lol...

On a brighter day im on the right track- no way im going to cheat NOWAY!!! I willll do it!!

How is everyone else feeling today? Good,bad...happy sad (yeah sorry thats corny lol)

Let me know!!! Oh and im about to get a ticker thing!

HI there i lost weight sucessfully once on lipotrim over 3 stone kept it off almost 2 years . now i am back after many failed attempts on cambridge to try again. This is day one i now need to lose 4 stone but unfortuanetly i have tried other diets weight watchers slimming world etc and for me they never worked id lose 3lb put on 1lb lose 2lb maintain then id lose half a pound then put on say 2lb.
I think a year i lost 10lbs.
They are good for some people but this was the only one that gave me a significant weight loss the problem was when i came off i really needed something in place.
I was offered the maintenance products but on a low income had struggled like hell to buy cambridge and thought when i came off it i needed to learn how to keep it off with food i want to give it another go and get this 4stone off but after many times of coming on here saying that and failing i pray this time i will succeed visiting this site does help i will be working full time soon so i dont know how often i will get on here but will do my best when i am off i wish all you restarters like me lots of luck i know how hard it can be but we will get there :) laura5510
Hi there everyone.
On a high tonight at my CDC and weigh in lost 6lbs!!! Yeehaw!!! now I feel I can do it - hope this feeling lasts!! Hope everyone else is getting in the groove. (Whoah how corny is that!!!) Is this what happens when you post!!!Ha ha. Let me know how you are all doing and when weigh is for you.
oh dear...sorry guys! am desserting you!! I have decided to do atkins...bad i know but i wont do this and i keep bingeing which i think is worse than the high fat principles of the atkins diet....i do want to get involved with the losing though! Please dont ostracise me because im eating haha....hope everyones is going ok chicks xxx

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