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Back from cc

Hi all
I decided to try cc as i wanted to eat foods other than sw foods. I enjoyed the first 5 days, but have not stuck to it since be3cause come the evening i want to pick, have no calories and still pick.
So from tomorrow i am back to sw.

Wish me luck xx
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Sorry it didn't work out for you but nice to see you back. Have you thought about doing what I am doing and combining the two, I need the portion control in order for me to loose any weight , but its working so far after months of not loosing any.


Strutting her stuff
Welcome back but I don't really understand why you felt that you had to calorie count in the first place. What do you mean by foods other than SW foods? There are no SW foods as no food is restricted so you should just be eating normally?
By other foods i mean unlimited bread, as im 29 weeks pregnant and have been craving bread so thought by cc i could have this and still be ok.


Yummy mummy to be!
Ahh......... Calorie counting.

I just had a jaw drop moment when you said you were pregnant. I really wouldn't worry about dieting to lose weight, just eat healthily which you can do on SW esp with the EE plan.

I hope someone with a lil more know how will respond as you really need to look after both of you and i am unsure what SW's postion is on pregancy. Most diets don't work for PG ladies.
My midwife said to do sw as it is the only safe diet for pregnant women, thats why im back on plan from tomorrow, as i have gained 2 srtone already.


Yummy mummy to be!
I had a feeling SW was ok for PG women but wasnt 100% sure.

When i was preggers i only weighed myself the day of the birth just to see how much i lost after giving birth:)

Remember though most of that weight is water and other things inside you (the placenta weighs a heap) so don't get to distraut at the scale.

And remember to treat yourself a lil, making a baby is difficult work and needs rewarding.

Congrats BTW:)