Back from Florida and the damage is!!!!


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had good intentions with a suitcaase full of bars:D However managed to have one a day for breakfast but the rest of the day went basically that I stuffed my face with whatever I fancied, doughnuts, grilled cheese, chocolate, chips oh i could go on:mad: :( :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hadnt seen my counsellor for nearly three weeks and was dreading getting on the scales but to my relief had put on 6lbs:eek:

So am back on sole source today, think it will be really hard after doing pretty much what i want for 3 weeks.:eek:

I had managed to lose 3stone 9lbs before I went, and that included 3 weeks doing the 790 plan so I know I can do it ;)

Wish me luck,

That good going..i went to florida and barbados in august and did almost a stones damage so 6lbs is good going and you can get it off in a week no problems....keep hold of the good memories of florida and look forward to achieving your goals...

Much love:eek:
Hi Sarah

Well 6lbs isn't too bad, & you'll soon lose that once you start SSing again.

So well done for getting back on that wagon, head down now & finish what you started.
Glad to catch up with you Sarah

3 stone 9lbs is fab I hope the folks at work are more supportive now that the results are evident. Hope you enjoyed all the nosh on hols if so it was so worth the six pounds. Hope you get back on track OK I gained 11lbs over Christmas and New Year and have found it easy peasy to get back on track as I felt glad too even though I enjoyed the indulgences.

Focus and concentration I find are most important for restarting remember how focused you were on day 1. I also try to do something different to make it a new beginning and more exciting. This restart I am writing a diary, it's scary for me but will make this restart different than the others.

Best of Luck, remember we are here if you need us.

Dizzy x
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Hi Sarah, 6lbs on is very good considering. You are now back on track to achieving your goal.

I think this is where we acknowledge our failures in the past. We have eaten, put on weight and now we take this into consideration and address it. In the past I ate and ate and ignored my weight issue, pretending to be happy.

So, well done and keep up the good work.
Yeah I managed to keep drinking loadsa water, not finding it too difficult today yet;) but think tomorrow will be harder:(

What i find worrying is the fact that I soon got into old habbits of stuffing junk, I was OK at home on the 790, really enjoyed being on that so hopefully it was just the holiday and all that new food to try:rolleyes:

Got a graduation and 2 weddings this year so plenty of stuff to keep me focused:D :D

hello sarah, sweetie or lummox on the pink site, so glad to have found you on here as well........................
keep posting i love hearing what you have been up too

kim x