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Back from hol but feeling put out!!

Hi All, back from my holiday and I made a conscious decision to eat a meal a day of protein and salad. I enjoyed the week and monday morning I got straight back into abstinence and am now in Ketosis. I managed to lose a lb so I obviously didn't do too bad. When I got back I felt really positive and ready to get into the last phase of my weight loss. I went to weigh in last night and was made to feel like a failure. I was told I would now struggle and my life would be in chaos!!! etc etc and it really pi**ed me off to put it bluntly!! I'm not in chaos, I made a choice and I stand by it and I'm now ready to prove them wrong!!! Sorry rant over! I just don't like to be painted by a particular brush when we are all different!!
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That doesn't sound too supportive Bex. You ate sensibly, didn't stuff yourself with pies and chocolate...doesn't that say that you have learnt! :eek:

I wouldn't worry about it - and certainly wouldn't take it to heart. You have done amazingly and quite obviously have learnt your lessons through the course of LL. :D

Your life is what you make it - and you are making it beautiful.



I think your counsellor [presuming here] was very wrong in her view of your planned one meal a day.
I believe that if it is planned and healthy, then it is a very sensible approach and CONTROLLED!
My counsellor would applaud you - as she believes that once abstinence is complete we have to plan our meals, remain in control and make healthy choices to stay slim.
You were incredibly strong - you could have had a week off - and ate and drank in free child ego state - but to me you were in adult!
[ooh this counselling stuff is ace!!]
Well done - great control - now get into rebellious child and show her what you are made of this week
Hi Bex - welcome back and wel done on managing so well! :)

What a bizarre thing for your LLC to say!!?? What were her reasons? All you really did, was what your are going to be doing in week on of RTM anyway? So I am puzzled. Can you share her reasons for that? Very unsupportive thing to say - but as said - let it go.

You, and we, know you are better then that. :)

Nice to have you back bex you are a LL achiever don't worry about what others may think we know your doing great you'll easily proove them wrong


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Welcome back Bex.

I would be annoyed with that too infact I would be very annoyed. I think you should pick her up on it next week when the scale proves her wrong. And I would tell her that you found that a very unhelpful comment.
That seems really strange, you did make an informed, adult choice. Perhaps your LLC wanted to be in on the decision making process before you did it? Not that she should expect to be. It really does sound like its her problem, not one that you should have to take on.
I think you did really well and made a choice and stuck by it, its not as if you went out on a big binge!! She should of bee n more supportive:confused:
Thanks everyone, I was made to feel like I had failed but I haven't!!! I came back stronger and more determined to get that last stone off!! I think my LLC is generalising because people who do come off the plan can then struggle. I am aware of that but decided that I was a grown up!! I'm back on the plan 100%, I went to the gym tonight and I'm very happy with where I'm at :) I can't wait to prove the doubters at my class, including the LLC wrong!! Bex is back and stronger :D
You seem to have the best attitude to me, and you've proved to yourself that despite the temptations that were probably all around you, you still have total control!! Your LLC should be proud of both you and also herself for helping you achieve your right mindset. Keep up the good work and prove them all wrong.
Hi Bex not been on here for a while but was really angry at your LLC's comments. You have worked so hard for your weight loss and have come so far, bloody hell does this LLc thinks you are super woman. We all have to eat to live and although we can survive losing weight with LL(which I recommend to anyone with a weight problem) we do however have to return to food and by the sound of it hun you have done this sensibly. Take care Bex hunny you are my LL inspiration and I believe that as you have been a very determined lady and worked so hard you are not going to mess up by overeating. Take care sweetheart. xx Lola (aka facebook friend Tracyxx)
Hi Bex, Lots of fab advice here as ever! I didn't manage my holiday as successfully (I'm still content with the choices I did make though)as you did but I came back straight onto abstinence again and my losses have been so much better week by week than they were before so you go girl and show them what you're made of!!


Have a Little Patience x
Bex - firstly very well done on managing so well whilst on holiday. You have achieved so much so far and are a total inspiration. You know what is right for you and good on you for standing your ground.

I just wanted to add to this that a colleague of mine has been doing abstinence for the last 6 months and is now where she wants to be weight wise having lost over 5 stones. She went on holiday to Mexico for three weeks and has just returned with a 2lb gain but has abstained all week and got it straight off again. She went to her LLC last night and mentioned to her that she now felt ready to drop the packs (she's been doing this gradually via RTM anyway) and the LLC tried strongly to dissuade her away from doing that and was made to feel that she wasn't in control.

Does anyone think sometimes that £££ signs could cloud the LLC's judgment?

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