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Back from Ibiza

Hello girls got back from Ibiza last night. Well after a week of maintenance bars, healthy meals and a couple of cheeky vodka's, I weighed at the chemist today and I have lost another pound and a half! I am so pleased that I have had a brilliant holiday and lost weight! I was so paranoid that I was going to pile all the weight back on hols. Not sure what I am going to do now though. I have 8 lbs left to loose but don't really want to go back on the shakes. Anyway, I am off now for another spray tan (my last one has nearly worn off and I don't catch the sun very well!) Catch you all later :) xxx
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Wow! glad you had a great time and well done on your loss!


Here we go again!
Glad you had a great holiday, can't wait for mine in 6 weeks.

Congrats on the loss, that's fantastic to lose whilst on holiday, really admire you. Are you going to refeed now and then do maintenance or calorie count or what? I need ideas cos I'm not sure what to do when I come back from hols either.


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Well done Glammam, thats fab just keep doing what your doing and the weight will drop off in no time! How was your hols? lovely? Where abouts in Ibiza did u go? x


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Hi and welcome back, glad you had a good time hun.

WOW - how inspirational are you losing weight on hols - well done, thats brilliant.
If you only have a few lbs to lose, there really is no need to go back on the shakes, just decide on what eating plan you want to follow and take it from there.

Welcome home.
PS I go on Monday..........yeeehaaaaaaaaaa.


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Wow! well done! :D

Are you going to refeed now and then do maintenance or calorie count or what? I need ideas cos I'm not sure what to do when I come back from hols either.
Me too - i am thinking after my hols i will still have 1st to lose but dont want to do total tfr so i was thinking 2 shakes and 1 meal a day .... what you guna do glam? let us know! :)
Hi girls. We stayed in San Antonio Bay Rach. It was perfect for us with the baby. Away from all the mad clubbers (was a bit jealous I wasn't one of them this year!) but within walking distance of San Antonio if we wanted to go there. It seems like ages ago now and I've only been back a day! Nevermind at least the weather is suppost to be nice all weekend (fingers crossed!)

As for the diet I am a bit confused. I have bought another weeks worth of maintenence bars but I am just going to use them now to keep in emergencies. I have a few nights out and meals out coming up so I might just use them as meal replacements on those days just to try and cut back a little. Aside from that I am just going to stick to 3 healthy meals a day and base my diet on the menu in the refeed info, but replace the morning shake with a healthy breakfast. I am also starting back aerobics adn body max classes next week. It is confusing though, might have to give LT a ring in the morning.


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sounds good glam - keep us all posted :D


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Didn't YOU do well! I'm very impressed with people who lose weight on holiday - above and beyond IMHO! Lol! You'll get those last few pounds off in no time. xx
Thanks Jan! Think I may have put it back on in vodka tonight though! I'm going out tomorrow aswell! (please don't think I'm a bad mum I just haven't been out for soooooo long!) Have to cut back in the week though and stick to the bars then! xxx

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