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thats ruddy ace!!!

rome wasnt built in a day so dont fret. i think 13lb in 16 days is brilliant. have u ever managed that much that quickly b4?


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Hi, 13lbs is fantastic!! almost a stone in 2 weeks, wohoo!!

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sorry pokerstar but what exactly arent you happy about!! Thats a great weight loss isnt it!! I've certainly never lost that amount of weight in such a short time, dont know about you!! The other thing is that sticking to it is an achievemnt in itself so be kind to yourself & allow yourself a pat on the back rather than saying you should do more!!


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13 pounds is brilliant!

Remember this IS the fastest way to lose weight safely!

Well done and keep going!



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brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats....

*jen does the weight-loss dance*


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Christina that is brill!!! 13lbs.:D

Well done!

Love Mini xxx


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I think my slight disappointment is because i weigh myself and last wednesday morning (morning after weigh in) i had already dropped to total 14lb. So was really expecting to have lost at least a few more lb's. TOTM came today so this may be a reason why i weighed 1lb less then.
I know it's still a good loss and i guess i learnt from my mistake of jumping on own scales.
Thanks for your support
Christina x